The Way Out (2023)

Sometimes, after years of abuse, it takes someone new to show you THE WAY OUT, even if that road is not as it seems at all.  Stay for the end, dear readers, because this thriller is full of surprises that you are going to want to see to its unsettling conclusion.

"this thriller is full of surprises that you are going to want to see to its unsettling conclusion"

This candid revelation about the role of the abused is the stark territory of writer/director Barry Jay’s The Way Out, a dark drama which embraces the cold distance reflection provides to those who were mistreated.  Jay understands that time and distance provides the abusees a chance to see things clearly and that’s EXACTLY what happens when Alex (Jonny Beauchamp), after the death of his father, inherits the family home and takes in a roommate, a fighter (Mike Manning), who seemingly wants the best for Alex, challenging to take his shot. 

But is Alex strong enough?  Can he overcome himself and his vices?  This is where the heart of the drama comes from as, with a new strength, there comes a sudden recklessness which must be accounted for.  You see, Alex and Shane soon fall for each other, yet Shane is not who he seems and exploits Alex’s weaker tendencies. There’s no Fatal Attraction warning vibes here, which is a good thing as there’s a monster hiding in the wings.

Shane is not what he pretends to be to Alex.The Way Out (2023)

Soon, we have an interesting situation unfolding as Alex struggles with all that has been placed in front of him in what amounts to a magnificent performance from Beauchamp, who carries the heart and soul of the film on his back.  This is a RAW movie and it is indeed dark, yet his performance as the wounded soul who finds his past trauma being manipulated by Shane (Manning, previously seen in Teen Wolf and This Is Us), who reveals his true self in the final third of this thriller.

Damaged from childhood abuse, Alex holds a wound.  This talented singer/songwriter has obviously turned to drugs in the past to deal with the pain and the passing of his father has reopened some old wounds that need addressing.  Shane takes Alex under his wing and teaches him how to fight and stand up to the people in his life who continue to push Alex around, but this new skill has consequences and it leads Alex down a dark path where those old wounds still howl out in pain for what they desire most.

Captivating performances abound and the rough and ready cinematography adds to the realness of The Way Out.  Co-starring Ashleigh Murray (Riverdale), and Sherri Shepherd (Life is Perfect), an unnerving and riveting thriller from Terror Films hitting digital February 10, 2023.

4/5 stars

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The Way Out (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Barry Jay
Barry Jay
Sherri Shepherd; Mike Manning; Jonny Beauchamp
: Horror
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Terror Films
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Release Date:
February 10, 2023
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Alex is an aspiring singer/songwriter, a drug addict who’s been damaged from childhood abuse. After the death of his father and inheriting the family home, he takes in a roommate, a fighter, who takes Alex under his wing, teaching him how to fight back and stand up to abusers. But soon this leads Alex down a dark path that threatens his sobriety and his life.


The Way Out (2023)