Blood Born

Blessed be the mother and the father who give themselves for their child!

Any new or expecting parents out there looking for a Friday night flick to sink your teeth into?  Blood Born might just be the movie for you.  Taking all we could possibly fear about pregnancy and babies and then turning them on their proverbial ear with magical rituals designed to usher in an unspeakable evil, Blood Born is a horror film like few others . . . especially if you are having or had difficulty conceiving. 

"It’s gruesome, claustrophobic, scary, and downright disturbing"

Just how badly do you want that family?!

Blood Born, rather surprisingly, works on many levels.  Sure, it’s a gigantic rip from the threads of Rosemary’s Baby, but there is a uniqueness about it that cannot be easily identified.  And that’s a compliment as the couple at the center of this twisted tale of magic spin further and further into a web they never see wrapping around them.

Mixing humor with horror, the expecting couple at the center of this twisted tale get more than they bargain for when a witch doctor helps them conceive something that might not be all that human.  And it begins innocently enough with some warm tea and rich laughter!

From Terror Film and director Reed Shusterman who takes every new parents’ nightmares and turns them into story gold, Blood Born begins and ends with the sound of screaming as the Gravida Foundation - referred to throughout this movie as a “family” - tries and tries again to usher in a new age of EVIL!  

Their options are limited.  We get that rather quickly.  With no one left to turn to, Eric and Makayla find themselves running straight into the arms of the Gravida Foundation and their “hippie ladies” to help them with their reproductive efforts.  They want a child and doing the strange but small things requested of Ola seems like a means to an end . . . or at least something they have never done before in their search to become pregnant.  

Courtesy of Ola and her convenient app, the Gravida Foundation soon takes over their lives, filling their days with new schedules, new rules, and all the sacrifices that will need to be made in order to have the child the Foundation wants them to have. Wait. What?!  Just who is this child for????Blood Born

No processed carbs.  No sex.  No nothing.  It might be cheaper and easier than IBF, but it’s going to take a steep toll on the couple who find themselves chanting strange new words while looking into each other’s eyes with only a burning candle between them.  Things are about to get stranger still.  This is the territory of Blood Born.

As the ​ceremonies take hold over  the couple​,​ they discover ​that ​their​ baby - whose space in their house must be defined immediately - might not actually be human, ​leaving them to ​decide how far they are willing to go for the family they’ve ​always ​wanted. 

Starring Antoine Perry (Major Crimes), Rosie Moss (The Conners), Melanie Haynes (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Laurine Price (American Crime Story: Versace), and Cole Gerdes (MOM), Blood Born pushes the couple at the center of this story to the edge with sacrificial chickens killed at the dinner table and beyond.  It’s gruesome, claustrophobic, scary, and downright disturbing as the cold hands of the Gravida Foundation start choking the life out of this couple.  Imagine what the kid will do to them!

All babies are monsters.  Every parent understands this.  This bundle of joy; however, arrives on digital July 16 from Terror Films.  Make sure to have plenty of wipes on hand.  You are going to need them.

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Hustle (2019)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Reed Shusterman
Reed Shusterman
Rosie Moss; Antoine Perry; Melanie Haynes
: Horror
Expecting Evil.
Memorable Movie Quote: "My cousin just had a baby. She says some organization helped her."
Terror Film
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July 16, 2021 - digital platforms
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Synopsis: After struggling to conceive, Eric and Makayla hire a witch doctor from the Gravida Foundation to help them​ conceive​. Ola moves into their ​home, taking over their lives as she puts them through a series of magical rituals. ​As the ​ceremonies take a toll on the couple​,​ they discover ​that ​the​ir​ baby might not actually be human, ​leaving them to ​decide how far are they willing to go for the family they’ve ​always ​wanted.


The Hustle (2019)