Road Head

That’s my bad bitch!

Lessons in Global Warming don’t get any more hilarious than in the twisting pull of Road Head, a horror comedy from writer Chloe Skye, director David Del Rio, and Terror Films.  The horror and hilarity begins almost immediately when an endless road in the dead of night leads to some unplanned sexual activity and then someone REALLY loses their head!

"With some unexpected twists along the way, Road Head is a horror film which succeeds in giving you what you expect in the genre"

Welcome to the wilds of Road Head!  Because who doesn't love it?

This is a trip into the desert of dry lakes and erosion as three friends come face to face with a reclusive, murderous cult when what they were looking for was a lake to jump into for a refreshing splash under the hot sun.  But NOTHING goes as planned.  

The lake is dry.  The trip into the endless sunlight drones on and on and then there is the sudden discovery of lobbed off heads in the Mojave!  Suddenly, their weekend of weed smoking and escaping from their complicated relationships - and, yes, the gay community is represented here!!! - is completely out of their hands AND their heads.  

Starring Elizabeth Grullon (Lucifer), Damian Joseph Quinn (US vs Billie Holiday), Clayton Farris (American Horror Story) as the three friends at the center of this fun and frightful romp, Road Head exchanges the cabin in the woods for the dry and arid open expanse of the desert and successfully pulls off a Sam Raimi-like atmospheric horror flick where the scares are as rich as the sarcasm.Road Head

Co-starring Paul T.Taylor (Hellraiser: Judgement) and Adam Nemet as The Executioner, Road Head has interesting characters (with believable attitudes) and places them in bizarre scenarios that keeps the film flowing with edge of your seat excitement, but - even with these original characters - there is a repetition that comes with the horror trope and the narrative falls into it.  

To be expected, right?  Especially when the gang quickly becomes two on foot without a vehicle.  Now, the hunted must become the hunters if they wish to survive. 

With some unexpected twists along the way, Road Head is a horror film which succeeds in giving you what you expect in the genre.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t fully commit to going full press on the gonzo mojo that it is trying to sell itself on.  That’s disappointing, but it doesn’t make this flick a wasted trip as everyone on board this film’s production is to be commended.  A lot of things they got wright.  Absolutely.

Ready to lose yours?  Road Head is on digital platforms June 4.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Road Head

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
84 mins
: David Del Rio
Justin Xavier
Elizabeth Grullon, Paul T. Taylor, Damian Joseph Quinn
: Horror
This one is hard to swallow.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Terror Films
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Release Date:
On digital platforms June 4.
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Synopsis: Three friends (Elizabeth Grullon, Damian Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris) take a road trip to the Mojave Desert where their complicated relationships are pushed to their breaking point as the group encounters a reclusive, murderous cult. 


Road Head