Beware!  Here thar be DEMONS who will do more than suck upon your bones!  Well, it rhymes with suck at the very least.

This is the unholy territory of not-so sorority heartbreak when one forlorn college student, Jenna Collins (Nell Kessler), finds herself summoning a demon with her tampon after she discovers that her boyfriend has been seeing other people behind her back.  Pushed to her limits by his narcissism, she goes to her friends for support and they know exactly what to do!

"makes good use of its limited budget with solid effects and practical gore"

Punish Brad (Michael Finnigan) for his infidelity with BLACK MAGIC courtesy of a sex-obsessed demon, Lillith (Savannah Whitten), with murder on her mind!  What could possibly go wrong?!

Lillith begins with Professor Hardy (Langston Fishburne) writing the word “demons'' on a chalkboard.  He then explains their sole purpose in life is to antagonize, torment, and drag their targets straight into misery.  Thus, the seed for a succubi is planted as Emma (Robin Carolyn Parent) must convince Jenna to call upon Hell itself in order to get the revenge she so desperately wants and believes she needs.

Often funny and irreverent in its handling of a broken heart, this revenge story quickly gets out of hand as Lillith receives an offering that she cannot deny and embarks on a bloodthirsty, sex-fueled rampage that their friend, Charlie (Tayor Turner) tried to warn them about.  Now, with an entire campus at her command, Lillith feels empowered and never runs out of horny targets - even if those who summoned her no longer want her around. TLilith 

Let the horror and the hilarity begin as Lillith’s rampage among all the big and sweaty dudes on the campus threatens to wipe out the dorms!

Directed by Lee Esposito and co-written by Luke Stannard, Lillith makes good use of its limited budget with solid effects and practical gore.  The cast creates earnest characters, too.  All of which makes this independent horror flick work a bit better than it probably ought to considering some of its familiar beats.  There might be nothing new here, but the occasional comedy makes up for that aspect.

Featuring performances from Chrissie Capobianco and Julia Arden Rock, Lillith will be unleashed in the USA by Terror Films On-Demand and Digital on July 9th 2021.

The devil made me do it again and again and again!

3/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
93 mins
: Lee Esposito
Lee Esposito; Luke Stannard
Langston Fishburne; Savannah Whitten; Nell Kessler
: Comedy | Horror
Desperate times call for desperate pleasures.
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Terror Films
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On-Demand and Digital on July 9th 2021
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Synopsis: After catching her long-term boyfriend cheating, Jenna turns toward elements she doesn't fully understand to get revenge. Said vengeance comes in the form of a succubus named Lillith, who embarks on a bloodthirsty, sex-fueled rampage.