The Castle (2022)

Opening with a camping trip gone to Hell, the claws come off early in Terror FilmsThe Castle. While I’m not sure these four friends are all that close, their selfies and campfire stories really get the evening going on the wrong foot as it descends into a night of bloodletting . . . all across their smartphone screens.

"a low budget psychological trip through horror "

One by one, they are picked off by a masked individual, heightening the suspense captured in the crackling of the campfire light. Let the bodies fall as they will, you know? Welcome to The Castle, a low budget psychological trip through horror courtesy of writer/director Arish Sirkisson’s prescient imagination.

Fast forward a bit. That was just a blood-soaked tease, if you will. The Castle has to live up to its namesake, after all, and the masked killer - who will soon be banging on a castle’s bathroom door - has more kills in store for the audience.

It’s the day of Michael and Catherine’s wedding. It should be a day full of laughter and love, right? Well, when their car breaks down, they try to not let it dampen their spirits. The marriage is already not a popular one due to Michael’s kissing of Catherine’s sister. Just ask their parents. All they have is each other, so make the best of a bad situation, right?

Well, the castle they discover - after walking down the road in the sunset - has other plans for the newlyweds. Let the castle - old and full of empty hallways - take care of these two. Sometimes a message must be heard, no matter who is delivering it.The Castle (2022)

If the setup sounds familiar, know that there are some memorable chills and spills that Sirkissoon has in store for his audience. The Castle has its fair share of ghosts for Catherine and the feeling that she’s being watched will, ultimately, change her life forever.

While this thriller is extremely low budget, there is a psychological aspect which builds from the tension between the newly married couple, crescendoing toward an ending which few might see coming, but most will not expect.

Starring Arish Sirkissoon, Dr Raj Singh, Rio Notra Segal, Sibongiseni Shezi and Edwin Cole, The Castle opens its ghastly gates on digital platforms worldwide November 11.

3/5 stars

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The Castle (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Arish Sirkissoon
Arish Sirkissoon
Tevin Kunene; Sanjay Laljith; Shivaan Moodley
: Horror
The walls have eyes.
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Digital platforms worldwide November 11, 2022
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Synopsis: On their wedding day Michael and Catherine break down in the middle of nowhere. They walk for several kilometres when they discover an old castle. Against her better judgement Catherine is convinced by Michael to spend the night. Once she enters the castle, she feels like something is watching her. What she discovers in the castle will change her life forever.


The Castle (2022)