The Burial (2023)

Paranoia reigns supreme in The Burial!

Molly is all about being a part of a team.  Even if that means going to a remote cabin next to an abandoned coal mine when her boyfriend, Brian, receives a phone call from Keith, his estranged brother.  He claims he’s an alcoholic.  He tells her she doesn’t need to do this; that this is something he should take care of alone . . .

"Paranoia reigns supreme in The Burial!"

. . . but she refuses.  The Burial, from writer, director, and editor Michael Escalante, is the result of her helping these brothers out.  This is a journey into the dark and disturbed by way of missing car cables.  Someone or something is plotting against her good intentions.

Haunting in tone and full of damaged characters, The Burial, which stars only Faith Kearns, Vernon Taylor, Spencer Weitzel, Aaron Pyle, is a horror film which assembles itself nicely thanks to the talent involved.  The performances are believable and its execution is sharp as its slow burn use of horror mounts.

Escalante, an up-and-coming filmmaker who got his first start in the movie business interning at Roger Corman’s New Horizons Pictures during his last year earning a Bachelor’s in English at UCLA, knows exactly how to build suspense and in The Burial, his debut offering, he absolutely delivers the goods as a remote situation grows increasingly demented, especially when Lenny arrives.The Burial (2023)

Nothing is as it seems here as lies and deceit lead the way into a domestic setting, thanks to Molly’s insistence that Keith move in with them.  At least, that’s where we originally think this movie is going.  But The Burial is full of surprises as good intentions, mixed with really bad decisions, pave the way straight into Hell itself.

Buckle up.  Because, after being offered a chance at a normal life, Keith has a few shocking surprises for Brian and Molly . . . and The Evil is still alive!

With POV shots rounding out the shoot, Molly finds herself in an increasingly bizarre situation as both brothers try to hide the danger from her.  She hears voices: sees shadows; and she’s noticed the brothers are acting very differently.  And Lenny’s story of amazing survival has more than a few strange inconsistencies . . .

So, when the car doesn’t start, she finds herself taking control of a very bad situation.  But, the question begs to be answered: exactly who here is in fact in charge?  Is it Brian, Keith, Molly, or . . .  Lenny?

Available On Digital and On Demand March 3, 2023 from Terror Films, The Burial is a low budget horror film which is precisely on point with its use of paranoia and evil.  It is a slow burn of horror, but it lingers long after the credits roll.

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Burial (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
82 mins
: Michael Escalante
Michael Escalante
Spencer Weitzel; Faith Kearns; Aaron Pyle
: Horror
Nothing is What it Seems.
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Terror Films
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Release Date:
March 3, 2023
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Synopsis: When MOLLY’s boyfriend gets a phone call from his estranged brother, she thinks nothing of joining him on an impromptu family reunion at a remote cabin. However, she soon finds herself taking charge of a deadly situation when the trip’s true purpose is revealed and good intentions lead to a conflict with pure evil.


The Burial (2023)