Lost Angel

“Some boys found her.”

It is with that striking sentence that we find ourselves staring out at the ocean on the small island of Newpoint alongside a grieving woman.  A cemetery isn’t much of a homecoming for this woman as she arrives back home, but that’s what happens when Lost Angel arrives to scatter the ashes of Melanie, who is believed to have taken her own life.

"tightly-scripted and features solid performances from all involved"

Melanie wanted to experience life too quickly.  It led to her undoing and now her sister, Lisa (Sascha Harman), has returned home to face the unsettling truth behind her mysterious death.  From a casual look around her room - note the hair in the band - to the sinister underworld connections that are discovered, Lost Angel arrives ready to provide answers. 

That's what happens in this slow burn of a supernatural thriller.  Lost Angel has us all on the hunt in a small coastal town where the truth gets covered up thanks to the people involved.  Mesmerizing with its use of locales and atmospheres, this thriller gets dark fairly quick as Lisa finds herself thrust into a dangerous situation thanks to all her inquiries. 

Could something this bad happen in a place so picturesque?

Director Simon Drake’s mystery thriller begins in a heartbreaking fashion as the scattering of Melanie’s ashes are discussed, but it quickly lives up to its influences as Lucy rattles off a fine list of fictional detectives in a discussion with Rich (Fintan Shevlin), her sister’s only friend, and it is up to them to discover the justice Melanie deserves.  Do they go the route of Hercule Poirot?  Or will their investigation cause them to use more desperate measures?  The hunt for evidence is on!Lost Angel

Rich might be her only lifeline to the world of sanity.  Unfortunately, Rich died six months ago.  So who is it that Lisa is talking to? 

That’s when Lost Angel takes flight.  With Lisa’s investigation, the facts don’t add up in Melanie’s death.  Supposedly, she hung herself.  Supposedly, she pumped herself so full of heroin that it is a wonder she wasn’t dead before the noose was slipped around her neck in this suicide.

And then there’s the recurring appearance of Rich, who seems to know just what to say to push Lisa forward into the abyss that surrounds her sister’s death.  Surveillance footage says he’s not there.  But Lisa continues to see him and talk with him and, truth be told, winds up relying on this ghost to help her uncover the truth which lies in between the ashes of her sister.  

But Rich has his own secrets and they point directly toward his role in Melanie’s death.

Co-written by Drake and Louise Hume, this thriller also stars Maggie Clune, Matthew Carrington, and Duncan Henderson.  It is tightly-scripted and features solid performances from all involved, who find themselves in pursuit of a man in a green blazer.  The local authorities think Lisa sees what she wants to see.  Dismissed cruelly, her only choice is to continue her conversations with her charming ghost witness.

Lost Angel releases on Digital March 15th from Left Films.  Join the hunt for justice!

3/5 stars

Film Details

Lost Angel

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Simon Drake
Simon Drake; Louise Hume
Sascha Harman; Fintan Shevlin; Duncan Henderson
: Thriller | Horror
Fight for justice, no matter what the cost.
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Left Films
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Release Date:
March 15, 2022
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Synopsis: News of a death sparks a young woman's quest for justice.


Lost Angel