Reign of Chaos

British babes kickin’ ass!

Proportion Productions and low-budget British filmmaking in general continues to get its groove on with the release of Reign of Chaos, a sleek-looking dive into a future governed by a type of madness which turns humans into flesh-eating psychos. 

"just the right attitude grinding away in its engines to carry it over the finish line"

Reign of Chaos is, by design, brutal as it deals with centuries of a plague-stricken world in which the evil Lord Chaos (Marc Seers, I Am Hooligan) seeks to eradicate the bloodline of the only Goddess who can defeat him, Nike.  Her descendants are spread throughout the world and it is left to one pirate-looking dude (Peter Cosgrove, Escape from Cannibal Farm, Winterskin) to bring them together.

Sure, sure, the extended opening narration is a mood killer, but the pacing picks up rather quickly once the “three sisters” - Rebecca Finch ("The Flash"), Georgia Wood and Rita Di Tuccio - are brought together and told that there’s is the power to bring about an end to the REIGN OF CHAOS!

Time to suit up, girls!  There’s a whole lot of ass to kick as the “joiners” currently outnumber the pure or, that is, the uninfected.  And the girls are down to get diRRRty with their kills, too.  Especially when the leather catsuits are put on!  ME-WOW!

Directed, co-produced and edited by Rebecca Matthews (The Gardener, Pet Graveyard) from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe (Jurassic Island), Reign of Chaos has a lot of attitude and swagger as it makes its way toward an ass-kicking assembly as the girls train and claw their way to become the bitchy behemoths they must become in order to bring down both the plague and the evil lord Chaos.Reign of Chaos

Is it campy?   Sometimes.  But there is just the right attitude grinding away in its engines to carry it over the finish line in such a way that it all feels as if those B-grade caricatures are all by design.  I mean, what else are you gonna do when the world is gripped by a plague which turns humans into green-skinned rabid creatures?  Chaos is winning the battle, man!  We can’t just succumb to the plague.

We must fight!  And that’s just what these vixens do!  But, first, they have to get along with each other and learn how to become a team.  There is an apocalypse to stop!  This might feel a tad formulaic, but it recovers from its missteps - pacing, acting, etc - and proves to be a fun thriller full of badassery.  

The reign of Chaos is among us!  This might not be biblical, but it is very British!  Experience the REIGN OF CHAOS on April 12 on digital from Left Films.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Reign of Chaos

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: Rebecca Matthews
Tom Jolliffe
Rebecca Finch; Peter Cosgrove; Mark Sears
: Sci-fi
Fight For Your Future.
Memorable Movie Quote: "This is reign of chaos."
Theatrical Distributor:
Left Films
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Release Date:
April 12, 2022
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Synopsis: When the world is gripped by a plague unleashed by the evil lord Chaos, and humans are turned into rabid creatures, mankind can only be saved by three young women, descendants of a Goddess, with the power to stop Chaos' evil.


Reign of Chaos