This Land (2023)

We’ve all been in the middle of family feuds.  Especially when politics are involved.  Nothing divides us quicker than being on opposite sides of the political spectrum.  Taking that situation in a very literal sense, This Land arrives on Digital and Demand to rile up all the Thanksgiving ghosts of families eating in silence.

Except this time, the get-together includes an ancient ritual which will leave you breathless as you recognize your own politics and lack of understanding, slapping you in the face.

"a thriller with an important message for us all.  But will anyone listen?"

You see, This Land, opening with a 4th of July celebration, posits two families from opposite ends of the political spectrum when they arrive at a rustic cabin only to find it double-booked.  Awkward.  Now, they have to work together in order to make their vacations work . . .

. . . yet a sinister group has brought them together for a reason.

Directed by Richard Greenwood, Jr. and written by Leon Langford and Collin Watts, This Land is a thriller with an important message for us all.  But will anyone listen? With hate groups on the rise and our own political tolerance for anyone with differing opinions, we are bound for a future marked with war and terror.  Unsettling thought, isn’t it?

Ava hopes to put back the pieces of her shattered life.  She’s been traumatized by a home invasion which cost her unborn baby’s life and her husband and son are hoping this trip will be what she needs to recover who she once was.  But when they find out that their cabin has also been rented by a right-leaning family, more than harsh words will be flying.

But the violence is just beginning.

Yet, this intolerance and fear is the territory of This Land, a politically-themed horror film which doesn’t pull its punches.  Regardless if you lean a little left or to the right in your own beliefs, this horror film is swinging for impact and its violent tendencies are completely spot-on, creating an unforgettable dark night for all those wise enough to pay attention as families are put in the ring to spar with each other. This Land (2023)

And it is all due to an ancient evil which thrives on their own fears.  While these mask-wearing cultists could be developed a bit more, their threat feels real . . . if a bit vague at times . . . yet it works to create an interesting spin on things. 

Cleverly written and expertly shot thanks to the engaging cinematography from Ilya Chegodar, This Land is expertly handled and fascinating in its rollout as an ancient cult reveals itself to them and is responsible for bringing them together.  It’s all about the differences, you know?

This Land, starring Natalie Whittle, Adam Burch and John J Pistone, is thankfully a bi-partisan film.  The real villains aren't so much the left-leaning or the right-leaning families.  It’s what’s outside which awaits them, tearing them completely apart with their own hatred.

This Land is being released by Terror Films on March 7th.

4/5 stars

Film Details

This Land (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
107 mins
: Richard Greenwood Jr.
Leon Langford; Collin Watts
Natalie Whittle; Adam Burch; John J. Pistone
: Thriller | Horror
Divided They Fall.
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Terror Films
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Release Date:
March 10, 2023
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Synopsis: Two families from opposite ends of the political spectrum turn on each other after a cabin rental mix-up, but must work together to survive after a sinister group emerges with an ancient destructive pact.


This Land (2023)