The Welder (2022)

The Welder starts with an absolute atmospheric bang as a flashback to a traumatic event for Eliza (Camila Rodríguez), a young Latina woman, has her sleepwalking in the rain.  The scene is full of emotion and panic as we watch her, almost in a daze, meander from her bedroom, leave the house, and head toward the lake in the rain, all while the event plays out.  Thanks to the soul stirring music from composers Umberto Gaudino and James Hall, the scene becomes visually poetic as her lover, Roe (Roe Dunkley), wakes up, rushes out, and brings her back from the brink.

"one hell of a journey into uncharted TERROR-tories"

Something is going on here and, at this opening, our senses are already stirred as this couple’s harrowing journey into the unknown begins.  This is the power of The Welder, a film which sneaks in absolute horror by way of a weekend getaway.

Produced by Cindo Santos, Manny Delgadillo, Salvatore Zannino and starring Camila Rodriguez, Vincent De Paul, Roe Dunkley, Cristian Howard, The Welder dares to explore ridding the world of racism through the harrowing experiments of one mad doctor!  Just how far would you go to cure the world of this social ill?  Dr. Godwin (De Paul) will go all the way!

The Welder, directed and co-written by David Liz, offers a solution to the prevalent issue of racism.  It is a dark and disturbing one, but sometimes, as is the position of Liz and co-writer Manny Delgadillo, that’s EXACTLY what it takes to defeat the racial division in society.The Welder (2022)

Roe suggests they go to a ranch he knows which will help to temper her anxiety and panic attacks stemming from her military experiences.  She agrees, acknowledging that the escape might be just what she needs to embrace the calm within her. 

But nothing goes as planned.  At first, after traveling miles and miles out away from the city, they think that being amongst the cows and the mosquitoes will be a good thing.  But, as the screenwriters know their way around a horror tale, there are enough warnings for our little gray cells to be tickled.  After dropping them off, the driver can’t get away fast enough.

With no cell service and a pool that’s seen better days, The Welder has the hair on the back of our necks already standing.  Dr. Godwin’s “palace” of rest and relaxation will be far from what it is advertised as being!  Complete with a strange assistant (Howard), Godwin has all he needs to make sure his experiments go off in all sorts of bizarre directions.  Both shocking and subtle in its use of horror extremes, The Welder is one hell of a journey into uncharted TERROR-tories.

From co-writer and director David Liz, and starring Vincent De Paul, Camila Rodriguez, and Roe Dunkley, The Welder takes a chunk out of digital February 24th from Terror Films!

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Welder (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
86 mins
: David Liz
Manuel Delgadillo; David Liz
Camila Rodríguez; Vincent De Paul; Roe Dunkley
: Horror
We're all red inside.
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Terror Films
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Release Date:
February 24, 2023 - digital
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Synopsis: Roe and Eliza, a young couple on a weekend getaway, come face-to-face with the harrowing experiments of a former doctor bent on curing the social blight of racism.


The Welder (2022)