Reportage November (2022)

The faux documentary is not dead. At least it’s influence is not. That’s why found footage features continue to exist. They might be cheaper than a traditional film to make, but there is also an earnestness to them which makes them - even the lesser known titles - work so well. Like it or not, this subgenre of horror is here to stay.

"puts its audience right in the drama with an edge-of-your-seat mentality that never lets up"

Which is why director Carl Sundström’s Reportage November works as well as it does, developing a SLOW BURN that certain types of found footage films can deliver, especially when they commit to the style of a documentary. Well acted and tense as Hell, Reportage November is a nearly perfect journey into the very heart of horror.

Written by Nathaniel P Erlandsson and shot in Sweden, Reportage November is about the mysterious death of a mother and the disappearance of her child. No one knows what happened. And, perhaps, no one really wants to get at the truth either. This is a damned spooky premise as leads missed by the police become the weapons of an eager journalist and the group she leads into the woods to find out just what happened.

They want the truth. And famous journalist Linn Söderqvist (Signe Elvin-Nowak) wants the fame that comes along with finding out just what happened in these dense woods. Dark and full of deep shadows, these woods hold secrets no one should reveal. Armed with some supplies and cameras (of course), they come closer to anyone else in the search for answers to the whereabouts of the missing child.

But can they pull out before they become part of the story, too?Reportage November (2022)

Both mysterious and suspenseful, Reportage November builds its case with great interviews (some anonymous and in the shadows), pulling out all the stops to make this film feel as real and as raw as the case of the disappearances. It works, bringing us into the spellbinding mystery that left one mother dead and a child missing.

With that Eastern Europe setting and some dense woods as well, Reportage November puts its audience right in the drama with an edge-of-your-seat mentality that never lets up, bringing out the horror as the cameras continue to roll. The truth is far darker than expected. Should you continue watching? I dare you to stop.

Carl Sundström’s Reportage November, starring Signe Elvin-Nowak, Jonas Lundström, and Isabel Camacho will premiere on digital and VOD on October 14th from Terror Films. It turns out, all who wander into these woods - which are lovely, dark, and deep - ARE lost.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Reportage November (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
86 mins
: Carl Sundström
Nathaniel P. Erlandsson; Carl Sundström
Jonas Lundström; Signe Elvin-Nowak; Isabel Camacho
: Horror | Mystery
Some stories should remain untold.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Terror Films
Official Site:
Release Date:
October 14, 2022.
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Synopsis: A mysterious death of a mother and the disappearance of her child leads a group of freelance journalists to the outback of Sweden. The group of four, led by the famous journalist Linn Söderqvist, will make a reportage about the happening and search for leads missed by the police. Equipped with cameras and supplies to survive in the forest for days, they wander out in the woods to find the truth.


Reportage November (2022)