Miranda Veil - Movie Review

Give WEIRD a chance

In the Heights - Movie Review


Infinite - Movie Review

An utter disappointment

A Quiet Place 2 - Movie Review

Extremely Intense

Voyagers - 4K UHD Review

Well-acted, well-constructed

Wonder Woman 1984 - Blu-ray Review

A crappy 1980s buddy adventure yarn

Soul - Blu-ray Review

You either have SOUL or you don't

Our Friend - DVD Review

Often difficult to watch

New on Blu-ray

Our Friend - DVD Review

Our FriendIt often takes an earth-shattering moment to remind us that sometimes, it is friendship – not biological family – that gets us through some of life’s most challenging times. That’s the big take-away in Our Friend, which tells the devastating true story of the Teague family and how their lives were suddenly ...

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Happily - Movie Review

HappilyWe all know that one perfect couple. You know the one. They always agree with each other, they never fight, never display a bit of trouble, and they’re always obnoxiously happy, no matter what. They’re simply perfect together ...

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Godzilla vs. Kong - Movie Review

Godzilla vs. Kong

Now THIS is how you do it! The title says it all.  Godzilla in one corner of the ring. King Kong in the other.  And one HELL of a battle in the space between these two titans.  And, within seconds of it opening, we get the added bonus of this series FULLY embracing its science fiction leanings with two ...

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Dawn of the Beast - Movie Review

Dawn of the BeastThere is an area deep in the heart of the northwestern wilderness known for its recurring sightings of strange creatures.  From the legendary Bigfoot (or as my son calls him, BIG TOE) to other mysterious creatures, this is an area that from September to October is known as a place where you  ...

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Event Horizon: Collector's Edition (1997) - Blu-ray Review

Event Horizon: Collector's EditionIt is the year 2047 and, somewhere near Neptune, a missing research vessel has reappeared.  It is up to the rescue ship, Lewis & Clark, to investigate its sudden reappearance and, with vital signs detected and a chill in the air, it is confirmed that what is on board is definitely not human ...

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Drive All Night - Movie Review

Drive All Night

Just drive. The pulse is POETIC.  The neons are BOLD and knifing with exactness.  And the characters are SONGS to the night.  Dark and mysterious, this film BROODS with slick acceleration ...

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Zack Snyder's Justice League - Movie Review

Zack Snyder's Justice LeagueAs a life-long DC fan, I have felt a little bit like a diehard football fan that backs his underperforming team, no matter what. It both evokes a sense of pride and of blind foolishness, when, no matter how much you love a particular brand of something, you must concede that they have lost in  ...

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Nobody - Movie Review

NobodyMove over John Wick, there’s a new badass on the cinematic landscape. And his name is Hutch Mansell. Though a seemingly typical suburban dad living on a cul-de-sac with a beautiful wife and two kids – a real nobody, don’t take his mild-mannered everyman disposition at face value. You will  ...

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Check Out the Trailer for DRUNK BUS

Drunk BusLet's face it. Drunk college students are the worst. And what if your job is to drive the bus that totes these intoxicated hooligans from party to party? ...

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News of the World - 4k UHD Review

The Hustle (2019)There’s very little that Tom Hanks hasn’t done. From enduring the discomfort of support brassieres in TV’s Bosom Buddies, to foiling pirates on the high seas in Captain Phillips, America’s favorite actor has just about done it all. The guy even battled his way through Covid-19 with the grace of  ...

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