End of the ropeEnd of the Rope - New Movie Trailer

“People get this silly idea that everyone's gonna get along one day".

Synopsis: Based on the infamous true story End of the Rope follows Sheriff CA Jacobson and States Attorney Sam Taylor as they try to find out what happened to the Haven Family. When accusations turn to the Haven's troubled farmhand, Charles Bannon, the two not only have to solve a potential murder but try to hold a whole town together that seems dangerously set on vengeance.
Release Date: May 17, 2024
Director: Charlie Griak
Writer: Daniel Bielinski; Dennis Johnson; Charlie Griak
Cast: Joseph Gray; Chris Bylsma; Nick Saxton

End of the rope

Dive into the dangerous world of the Wild West with the exciting first trailer for End of the Rope, which you can watch below.

Immerse yourself in the harrowing tale sparked by one of the most controversial cases in American history—the lynching of Charles Bannon, the last known victim of lynching in North Dakota.

"just like that, the coin-targeting trickshot is introduced"

Starring Joseph Gray, Chris Bylsma, and Nick Saxton, and under the visionary direction of Charlie Griak (The Center), this heart-pounding Western film is based on the chilling true story of the Charles Bannon case of 1931.

Witness a tale of morality and retribution, set against the backdrop of North Dakota's harsh landscapes, where justice knows its limits, and vengeance demands its price. End of the Rope explores the depths of human morality, asking what it truly takes to protect good from evil.

Mark your calendars for May 17, as End of the Rope will be available On Demand and Digital from Saban Films. Don't miss this enthralling cinematic experience that brings a forgotten chapter of history to life

Here's a look at the blistering full trailer for End of the Rope:


End of the rope


 And here's the one-sheet poster for End of the Rope:

End of the rope