FoilFoil - Movie Trailer

“Did you know there was a UFO crash out here 60 years ago?"

Synopsis: After opting out of their high school reunion to reconnect on a desert camping trip, Rex and Dexter realize their intentions for the weekend are at odds. Dexter, a failed filmmaker, hopes to harness a fabled vortex in the area to inspire a movie idea. Rex, a rebellious conspiracy theorist, plans to investigate a rumored UFO crash believed to explain the anomaly.
Release Date: May 10, 2024 (On Demand)
Director: Zach Green
Writer: Zach Green, Devin O'Rourke
Cast: Chris Doube, Brian McGuire, Devin O'Rourke

Foil - Movie Trailer

We're excited to invite you to buckle up and join us for a look at the newly released trailer and poster for Foil, the latest comedy/sci-fi adventure from the imaginative minds of Zach Green and Devin O'Rourke.

Set against the infinite backdrop of the cosmos, Foil is a tale of friendship, spontaneity, and the unexpected twists of life. Witness as a group of long-lost friends reunite for what they thought would be a nostalgic road trip, only to find themselves hurtling across the stars in a laugh-out-loud voyage that promises to be as heartwarming as it is hilariously absurd.

"An unusual piece of foil with potential alien origin causes a rift between two former best friends camping in the California desert."

Don't miss your chance to get a glimpse of this star-studded odyssey that explores the depths of friendships and the universe. Prepare to laugh, gasp, and possibly even tear up as Foil sets a new course for comedy and sci-fi.

The film is directed by Zach Green, stars Chris Doubek (Lovers of Hate), Brian McGuire (Window Licker), Devin O'Rourke, and Zach Green and is being distrubted by Cranked Up

Catch the trailer below and see where the road—and universe—will take them.

Here's a look at the hilarious full trailer for Zach Green's Foil:


Foil - Movie Trailer

 And here's the one-sheet poster for Foil: