Liza: Warden from Hell

The Women-in-Prison genre of exploitation film is definitely not dead. It just needs some much needed resuscitation from brave filmmakers who aren’t afraid to exploit - what Roger Corman did in the late 60s (when the Hays Code was finally put to rest) - moral guidance. Anything for a shot of skin, right?

"Get ready for a healthy dose of camp and carnal knowledge!"

Well, it looks like independent filmmaker, Dustin Ferguson, is one helluva brave soul as his take on fogging up the lens of his camera while wading through the genre of showering bosom buddies is now on blu-ray, alongside his ode to Lucio Fulci. Billed as a Grindhouse Double Feature, the two-fer is bound to cause salivating amongst those craving buckets of sleaze and cheese.

Get ready for a healthy dose of camp and carnal knowledge! Liza: Warden from Hell takes the Women-in-Prison subject matter to task as one brave woman finds herself showering alongside all sorts of nubile women, and it is all for the sake of her sister, but . . . can she handle the truth?

Or, to be precise, can she handle the depravity that Liza (AVN Hall of Famer Alana Evans) who, assisted by her equally sadistic wardens, Greta (the One and Only Brinke Stevens) and Wanda (Marneen Fields, of Hellhole fame) - repeatedly dish out? Don’t be shy now, folks. You know you want it and Ferguson delivers much naked madness throughout this campy flick.Liza: Warden from Hell

Starring genre icon Brinke Stevens, known for her work in Slumber Party Massacre, Body Double and Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, Liza: Warden from Hell definitely does not shy away from Women-in-Prison expectations, giving audiences a whole lot of T&A play early on as Michelle (Janet Lopez, Space Sharks) goes undercover in a treatment facility to find out what happened to her sister Stephanie (Breana Stier, Nemesis 5).

Alongside our previously reviewed Beyond the Gates of Hell, this twofer - and the offering of faux film trailers from Sam Mason Bell, Dorothy Booraem, Rocky Gray and Dean Houlihan - makes for one hell of a good time, especially if you are in the mood for some babes behind bars and some solid scares.

The Grindhouse Double Feature of Beyond The Gates of Hell and Liza: Warden from Hell is now available on Blu-Ray from SCS Entertainment.

3/5 stars

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Film Details

Liza: Warden from Hell

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Dustin Ferguson
Dustin Ferguson
Brinke Stevens; Alana Evans; Marneen Fields
: Drama | Crime

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Synopsis: Follows a young woman who must find out what happened to her sister and goes undercover in a shady facility, but in the attempt she comes face to face with Liza, the Warden from Hell.


Liza: Warden from Hell