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Ebola Rex

Who had diseased dinosaurs on their plate for 2020?  I certainly didn’t, but writer/director Dustin Ferguson (5G Zombies, Angry Asian Murder Hornets) did and, with his demented flair for the horror comedy hybrid, the fast-working filmmaker pulls off yet another entertaining B-grade monster flick which goes stomping through downtown Los Angeles without any mercy for those smashed into the concrete.

"a fun and cheesy romp down the cracked pavement of Cult Cinema Street as over-the-top acting and cheesy CGI effects carry this matinee-styled creature feature safely across the finish line"

Ebola Rex is unleashed!

The wild flick begins with a bang.  Literally.  With a thundering bass and fiery explosions, a tyrannosaurus rex escapes a containment lab and sets its sights on smashing a whole lot of innocent people in Los Angeles under its BIG ASS STOMP as it rampages down Wilshire Boulevard.  Nothing will stop it.  Not even military helicopters hellbent on bringing the creature down will put a dent in its fury.  

But, in the middle of a pandemic, that’s not the only concern.

This monster also carries a deadly disease and, as the movie focuses on the individual efforts to stop its deadly devastation, the search for the big bastard proves to be endlessly amusing as bounty hunters like Dick Steel (Ken May) search “the woods”, streams (in parks), and smashed camps in an ongoing effort to capture the dinosaur, which - believe it or not - seems to be pretty good at playing hide and seek.

In a world which makes a rampaging T-rex possible, some people are absolutely losing their minds and, in one narrative, we have a hostage situation which pours even more humor into the horror hybrid blend.  Sure, this segment takes away from the dinosaur dementia occurring everywhere else, but it adds a bit more madness to the proceedings with its intense close-ups, engaging neon lighting, and its unsettling conclusion.  Ebola Rex

Starring Mel Novak (Bruce Lee's Game of Death), Mike Ferguson (Moon of The Blood Beast), and Erik Anthony Russo (Angry Asian Murder Hornets), Ebola Rex is a fun and cheesy romp down the cracked pavement of Cult Cinema Street as over-the-top acting and cheesy CGI effects carry this matinee-styled creature feature safely across the finish line.     

People lose their minds in all the dino-demented hysteria and, as this movie includes  the modern day world with face masks and all (as it was shot during the pandemic), there is a cool mesh-up with our current situation and Ferguson’s ripe imagination - which includes raging dinosaurs, 5G zombies, the coronavirus, and murder hornets - continues to fire on all cylinders.

Everything works in this insane movie to create yet another film - he shot seven this year alone (so far) - in his shared universe of Hell on earth.  The B-grade flick is also hosted by the Marvelous Malvolia (Jennifer Nangle) which adds yet another fun element to this Midnight Matinee-type flick.  

Ebola Rex is now available on VOD and DVD exclusive on SCS Entertainment.  Let’s get rexxed!

3/5 stars


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Ebola Rex


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Ebola Rex

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
72 mins
: Dustin Ferguson
Dustin Ferguson
Mel Novak, Shawn C. Phillips, Mike Ferguson
: Horror
You can't escape this disease.
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SCS Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
May 10, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
September 1, 2020.
Synopsis: An infected T-Rex escapes from Isla Nublar with only one thing on his mind: Revenge!


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Ebola Rex