Angry Asian Murder Hornets

Murder hornets! Murder hornets!  They will hollow out your eye sockets and make your skull their home!

The pulsating synth lines.  The introduction from Malvolia, the Queen of Screams!  And the honey!  My God, all that honey poured into a single cup of coffee!  Angry Asian Murder Hornets, written and directed by Dustin Ferguson (Moon of the Blood Beast, 5G Zombies, Ebola Rex, and the recently completed Rattlers 2), begins with more than one fun-filled shock as mutant hornets swarm their way into a California community of innocents who have no idea how to survive their repeated attacks.

"Low on budget but high on B-movie might, Angry Asian Murder Hornets delivers one sting after another"

Low on budget but high on B-movie might, Angry Asian Murder Hornets delivers one sting after another, making this flick a seriously fun creature feature as Erik Anthony Russo, Geovonna Casanova, Shawn C. Phillips, and Jared Allen as Professor Allen find themselves trying to fend off these killing machines.  They arrive without warning and they leave no one standing as each BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ takes out another helpless human.

There literally is nowhere to hide as nature turns against one community after another, creating a network of mutant-minded CGI attacks.  We are not safe from the sky or from the ground below in Ferguson's mad world of Creature Features and, honestly, I absolutely love that about his work.  It's fun.  It's fast.  And it is furious.  Showing, time and time again, that independent filmmaking is where it's at for real creativity. 

These hornets are massively huge and pissed off, taking turns flying around their selected targets as if they are mere toys to tease before ripping their heads off.  The attacks in Angry Asian Murder Hornets are slowly rolled out as our characters are introduced, but nonetheless deadly, unexpected, and full of carnage.Angry Asian Murder Hornets

The B-movie suspense as victim after victim is introduced, exposed to the atmospheric elements, and then righteously attacked from the sky by swarms of hornets is solidly handled and then, thanks to some fun banter from Zamora and Mike Ferguson, we have some easy going moments of character development before the CGI attacks ramp up again.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets is yet another solid offering from Dustin Ferguson (aka "Dark Infinity") who continues to dominate the schlocky scene with this wild tale of oversized hornets buzzing around the unfriendly skies of America.  Its cheesy goodness through and through and, thankfully, Ferguson knows his influences, his material, and his audience well as he continues to build a shared, cinematic world full of characters, mutants, and monsters that never disappoint in their collective handling of some really weird events.  

Co-starring Ken May, Clint Beaver, Elizabeth Barstow, and Sheri Davis in a hilarious Instagram cameo, Angry Asian Murder Hornets is a damn good time at the movies.  It is now streaming and available to buy on DVD from SCS Entertainment.  Let the bodies hit the floor!

4/5 stars


Angry Asian Murder Hornets


Film Details

Angry Asian Murder Hornets

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Dustin Ferguson
Dustin Ferguson
Clint Beaver, Jarad Allen, Elizabeth Barstow
: Horror
This sting will be your last.
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SCS Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
May 10, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
January, 2021.
Synopsis: Killer murder hornets attack America.



Angry Asian Murder Hornets