Young Adult - trailerJason Reitman and Diablo Cody are at it again. The dynamic filmmaking duo behind the wildly popular 2007 hit Juno have teamed up for a second go-round, this time to bring us the story of a young writer Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) who gets divorced and goes back to her hometown to both relive her glory days and to strike it back up with her high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). But  unfortunately there's a problem. He's not only married, but even has kids now.

Reitman's biggest challenge will be getting the film's tone just right. It's quite tricky to be endearing to an audience with misery-loving characters that mope around in offensive and awkward situations. And just who exactly is the audience for this film? Theron will certainly share in that challenge too as she must somehow walk that fine line of making the audience realize what a total beaten-down loser her character is, without letting us lose sympathy for her. We should know better than to question Theron's Oscar winning skills, but she's up against a mighty challenge here.

After watching the trailer, which you can see below or in HD over at Apple, it appears Theron et al get it just right. Then again, the fair-haired beauty really has to do nothing more than bat her lashes to win us over.

We'll know if it works soon enough though as Young Adult is set for a limited U.S. release on December 9th of this year, and will expand to more theaters on the 16th of December.