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Night (2019) - Movie Review

For my money, POV horror can still deliver when there is an engaged mind at the helm.  This is exactly why Night, a new horror film from the sick mind of writer/director/actor Nicholas Michael Jacobs, works as well as it does. 

Harrowing and endlessly captivating, Night features two main characters entangled by one “night” that won’t soon be forgotten . . . by anyone, including its audience.

"Lose your mind with this gripping 60-minute tale of morbidity as one night changes everything for two people."


Prepare to be unsettled throughout this wicked little low-budget flick. From the very beginning, Gore-Gore Ghouls and Horror Hounds, always in search of the next boneyard flick to chew upon, are in for a rare and supremely sick-minded treat thanks to the endlessly dark nature of Night.

The movie begins with about a 5-minute single-take shot in which a faceless man, Adam Audrey (Jacobs), prepares for something nefarious. It is a dark shot and, as we are looking up at bare ceiling, making it hard to ascertain for sure what this masked man is getting ready for. 

Psychologically, we are already knocked for a loop by this unsettling shot.  He moves in and out of the shot and yet we stay still, looking up at the ceiling.  We hear what sounds like plastic being folded, a zipper being zipped, and then he speaks a chilling statement about what is to happen next. {googleads}

Five minutes in and the hair on the back of your neck ought to be standing straight up.  Adam is one sick-minded motherfucker and it is this night in which he plans yet another mindless killing, livestreamed for all his loyal followers.

Because in the next extended single-shot sequence, he follows a young girl, Judy (Gianna Jacobs), through the trash-filled streets of Philadelphia.  But this isn’t a sequence for Bruce Springsteen to wax poetic over with melody and verse.  No, this stalker’s anthem is much more intense and when he grabs the poor girl from behind, you, too, will be shaken. 

Adam Audrey has nothing but evil planned for her.Night (2019) - Movie Review

Back in the room where we started, the opening shot suddenly makes sense.  So, too, does the reason for the POV camera work.  Adam, in spite of being distracted by a phone call from Erica (Alexis Beacher) and a complaint about the noises from Ms. Biggs (Danielle Iannucci) is planning to livestream the torture and the killing of this poor girl.  Erica informs us that he’s done it before.  His followers, who pay money for him to mistreat the girl, are all logging on and it is down into the rabbit’s hole we go.

Thing is, when the emotions are this strong, no one is safe.  What happens on this night of anguish will affect both Judy and Adam.  The girl isn’t as weak as she looks and Adam, wearing a Dickies uniform and ski mask, is going to go really dark, really quick with his knives, his fists, and his feet. 

Night is currently set to be released via POV Horror on March 17, 2019, and via Amazon Prime Video on March 23, 2019.  Lose your mind with this gripping 60-minute tale of morbidity as one night changes everything for two people.

4/5 beers

Night (2019) - Movie Review

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
66 mins
: Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Alexis Beacher, Danielle Iannucci, Gianna Jacobs
: Horror
Evil in Reverse.
Memorable Movie Quote: "You can't keep doing this, Adam. It's not right."
POV Horror
Official Site:
Release Date:
March 23, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available.
Synopsis: A young girl is kidnapped by a strange man, who forces her to be the star of his sick and twisted live stream.


Night (2019) - Movie Review


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Night (2019) - Movie Review

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