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Something is wrong with Jose (Brian Villabolos).  Sure, he’s got a lot on his mind with the job and the failed attempts at getting his wife, Lucy (Lori Kovacevich) pregnant, but there’s something more; something that is driving his Thirst into the late night hours.

He’s not alone either.  What begins as localized horror grows into something much larger thanks to some surreal moments which hinge on the nightmarish as one small town begins to all feel the same side effects of an insomnia which just won’t end. 


"is well-developed and arrives at its message with a searing intensity that cannot be ignored"

Turns out, something strange is affecting the entire small town he and his wife reside in.  One morning jog confirms this: the people in his neighborhood are doing some very strange things with doors and with power tools.

Insomnia is spreading like wildfire through the town! 

The discovery that this is not an isolated event is an unsettling one, though.  And with it comes a whole lot of fear and panic and it might have something to do with what we need to live!  The film - focused on the couple - has a lot of fun with this element of the story and teases us with some interesting scenes as more and more is revealed over the film’s early running time.

And, yes, something's not quite right. Thirst

The scenario is surprising and spot-on with its terrifying development, making Thirst an interesting addition to the plethora of apocalyptic films AND scenarios out there because as the situation grows into something that the town cannot sustain, Jose and Lucy take refuge on an abandoned ranch, but it is quickly at the center of a whole lot of chaos as others claim it as their own.

Written and directed and scored by newcomer filmmaker Eric Owen (drummer for the alternative rock duo Black Pistol Fire), making his feature directorial debut, this apocalyptic film features some brilliant cinematography from Josh Taylor, who also produces.  It is well-developed and arrives at its message with a searing intensity that cannot be ignored.

Thirst builds on its suspense and its paranoia and explicitly explains how society could quickly fall apart thanks to the nightmarish situations involving the lack of clean water.  The film also features solid performances from Michael Gmur, Scotty Walker, Cynthia Fray, and Federica Estaba Rangel who add to the paranoia and the terrifying experience as - in the age of boiling water, contaminated water, and water shortages - our worst fears are realized.

Thirst will be on digital from September 5th 2023 from Gravitas Ventures.

4/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
98 mins
: Eric Owen
Eric Owen
Brian Villalobos Michael Gmur Federica Estaba Rangel
: Thriller

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Gravitas Ventures
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Release Date:
September 5, 2023
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Synopsis: Insomnia spreads in a small town, causing fear and panic. As the situation becomes dire, two couples find salvation on an abandoned ranch, but as nefarious characters descend upon the land, claiming it as their own, and chaos ensues.