Rebroken (2023)

Live one day at a time.  Forever.  This is what Will (Scott Hamm Duenas), a devastated father, is supposed to do after the death of his daughter.  But instead he drinks himself into oblivion.  You can read it on the lines in his face.  He’s not stopping anytime soon.  He is broken and his will to live is way beyond repair . . .

. . . or so he thinks, hence the title: ReBroken.  Don’t dwell on that word too long, though.  There’s a mystery in its namesake and it will be revealed by his frantic search for . . . peace? Forgiveness?

"Chilling and heavily soaked with themes of loss"

That’s what these court-ordered therapy sessions are supposed to do, right?  Well, they aren’t working.  Will is stuck in a cycle.

Leave it to the wonderfully on-point performance from Tobin Bell to tell Will otherwise in this supernatural thriller from Gravitas Ventures.  Chilling and heavily soaked with themes of loss, this slow burn tale of the supernatural will more than likely keep you up at night thanks to its startling revelations about who deserves what.

Because when Will drops the needle on some old vinyl records he was given by Bell’s mysterious stranger, he starts receiving messages from his deceased daughter.  Can he be mistaken?  Is there a way to bring her back from the dead?

He has to find out!Rebroken (2023)

Placing character construction and atmosphere above a hurried pace, ReBroken doesn’t disappoint as we are pulled into this court-ordered group that Will has to attend.  Something sinister is behind it and this counseling group - going over the feelings of grief on a nightly basis - definitely has ulterior motives.

Starring Tobin Bell, star of the SAW franchise and Duenas (Evil at the Door), ReBroken is a haunting tale of grief on steroids as Will is stalked by the various members and begins to believe that he can bring his daughter back from the dead through the messages he hears when he spins the black circles on his record player.

Keep watching.  There’s a nice little twist coming along.  Also starring Kipp Tribble, Alison Haislip, Nija Okoro, Kenny Yates, Richard Siegelman, Blake Koren, and Billy Walker, ReBroken is written by Tribble and Duenas, and is competently directed by Kenny Yates, building up to a pressure point which releases something quite unsettling about Will.

See you in Group, friend.  Rebroken is now available on digital and on demand platforms from Gravitas Ventures.

3/5 stars

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Rebroken (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Kenny Yates
Scott Hamm Duenas
Scott Hamm Duenas, Tobin Bell, Kipp Tribble
: Drama | Thriller
Not everyone deserves a second chance.
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Gravitas Ventures
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Release Date:
March 7, 2023
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Synopsis: A devastated father receives recordings from a mysterious stranger that allow him to communicate with his recently deceased daughter.


Rebroken (2023)