Phantom Project

Ah, youth and young manhood. This is the lonely hallway writer/director Roberto DoverisPhantom Project wanders as its characters ponder their next moves within the topics of life, art, and friendships.

Phantom Project is also about a haunted cardigan. Yes, you read that correctly.

"Full of warmth, lighthearted escapades, and a general passion for life itself"

Full of warmth, lighthearted escapades, and a general passion for life itself, this coming-of-age narrative is sure to find its footing when Dark Star Pictures releases it in select theaters on October 4th. You just have to be willing to go with its madness as its main character finds himself tangled in the disconnection which sometimes occurs in life.

Pablo (Juan Cano), a 20-year-old aspiring actor, makes ends meet as a practice patient for a local medical school. But he’s about to hit rock bottom when his roommate suddenly disappears, leaving him with unpaid rent, a dog, and a cardigan which appears to be haunted by a mischievous spirit. Even his ex-boyfriend is gaining attention as a rising YouTube star.

Suddenly, Pablo and his spectral spook (looking like sketches instead of the horror we are used to when it comes to ghosts) are on a colorful quest as minor characters become major supports, redefining Pablo and the spirit by his side. Playful to the last minute and full of some eye-opening moments (that Dan Akroyd scene in Ghostbusters in which his fly is unzipped got nothin’ on the content here), Phantom Project is all about the Millennial side hustle.Phantom Project

With strong festival play including Rotterdam and Frameline, and featuring superlative performances from Juan Cano, Ingrid Isensee, Violeta Castillo, and Fernanda Toldeo, Phantom Project is a non-supernatural narrative for anyone willing to untangle themselves from all the decisions one life takes. While it might not always feel purposeful in its rollout, there are some interesting ideas knocking about inside its running time.

Phantom Project is in select theaters October 4 and VOD and DVD October 25 from Dark Star Pictures.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Phantom Project

MPAA Rating: unrated.
97 mins
: Roberto Doveris
Roberto Doveris
Juan Cano; Ingrid Isensee; Violeta Castillo
: Comedy | Fantasy
A film by Roberto Doveris.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Dark Star Pictures
Official Site:
Release Date:
October 4, 2022.
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
October 25, 2022.
Synopsis: Following his roommate’s sudden departure, Pablo finds that a vintage sweater left behind comes attached with a certain mischievous spirit, sending the struggling actor on a colorful quest alongside fellow hustling millennials in the sly, playful comedy Phantom Project.


Phantom Project