Mister Creep (2022)

“Help us and we can help you.”  With that sentence, we are ushered into the disturbing circus of Mister Creep

The opening moments, which lock onto a clown-faced crazy (effectively portrayed by Brian D. Anderson), in a straight jacket, are disturbing and the tension immediately created comes back to haunt the audience time and time again.  To put it simply, you’ll want to run the hell outta the cell before that door slides closed.  But all of that only adds to the atmosphere as - with paint peeling and a cold bitter stare reflected - the horrific story of Mister Creep unfolds, which is a solid offering from Writer/Director Isaac Rodriguez’s found footage arsenal.

"this found footage flick works to build an unpleasant atmosphere where anything is possible"

Mister Creep killed hundreds in disturbing fashion, yet his reign of terror might not be over when three college students - Beth (Amber Lee Solis), Val (Shaela Payne, Self, A Presence Behind the Door), John (Ali Alkhafaji, Deadware, Save Yourself), and their cameraman Dave (Thomas Burke, The Pizzagate Massacre, The Barbados Project) - from South Vista College discover a lost television broadcast from a deceased serial killer and search for the location of the broadcast.  Can it even be possible?  

People claim his disturbing broadcasts are still running and this fact alone piques the interest of the students, so when their own experiment surfing the white noise static of the airwaves results in the idea to search an abandoned police station no one bats an eye.Mister Creep (2022)

What else are they going to do?!

With plenty of gnarly kills and jump scares in its engine, this found footage flick works to build an unpleasant atmosphere where anything is possible - even the reign of a clown-faced killer who may still be around long after his supposed death. Loaded with twists and gnarly sequences where death is the only outcome, this haunted affair maintains a disturbing level throughout its runtime.

Written and directed by Isaac Rodriguez (Last Radio Call, A Town Full of Ghosts) and co-starring Judy McMillan, Mister Creep presents likable characters without good common sense forced into extreme situations.  It’s a found footage film, so you have to overlook the obvious questions which pop up and just go with the horror, especially when these students - thanks to a nightmarish cover-up - discover the truth about Mister Creep and all the disturbing videos he shot with his victims - laugh track and all. 

Solid performances abound in this horror film as the students quickly realize that they are in over their heads thanks to the circus tent of frenzied and bloody fun that is Mister Creep’s playground within the abandoned police station.  The effects are practical and so too is the shoot, which utilizes its locations to maximum effort through parts of Texas - including the haunted old Lavaca County Jail in Hallettsville.

Come one, come all.  Step right up to the nightmare that is Mister Creep, streaming on digital platforms December 5th from Silent Raven Films.

4/5 stars

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Mister Creep (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez
Brian D. Anderson; Thomas Burke; Ali Alkhafaji
: Horror

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December 5, 2022
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Synopsis: Three college students stumble upon a lost television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location. They discover a nightmarish cover-up of a clown-faced man who killed hundreds and may still be around long after his death..


Mister Creep (2022)