A Town Full of Ghosts

Some towns should stay forgotten.  With little to offer new visitors, they stay trapped in the cold recesses of time and are best left ignored and, you guessed it, unvisited.  Blackwood Falls is one of those places that time should best rub out.

Except that Mark and Jenna have sold EVERYTHING they own in order to purchase this GHOST TOWN.  Their mistake because there is something DEADLY and WICKED at the center of this town.  Welcome to A Town Full of Ghosts!

"offers audiences a unique spin on the expected with plenty of cool shots, authentic scares, and ghost-a-plenty"

Tucked tightly in the corner of nowhere, this western town - and its sordid history - doesn’t scare them at all.  Whatever it is that haunts this location has nothing on their ideas of what this desolate town could be.

Where dilapidated buildings and sand reside, they see a tourist trap, complete with hotels, restaurants, and attractions - including, maybe, a ghost walk or maybe a haunted museum full of all sorts of wild west stuff.

Unfortunately, thanks to the found footage collected here as Mark and Jenna hire a small film crew to document their progress in Blackwood Falls, this couple isn’t going to get very far in their daydreaming: Mark has discovered something EVIL in this town with death circling around it and his discovery brings him that much closer to MADNESS.

Think The Shining and you might start to understand what Jenna is about to go through.  Yes, there’s even a maze as she tries to get out of this ghost town.  This engaging sequence; however, being a mix of drone and shots on the ground, works to create an atmosphere full of shocks and screams.A Town Full of Ghosts

Inspired by real events and shot on location on the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor, Texas (a cool ass location which is used to great effect), A Town Full of Ghosts might wear its influences on its sleeve, but it offers audiences a unique spin on the expected with plenty of cool shots, authentic scares, and ghost-a-plenty! 

This June, filmmaker Isaac Rodriguez (Last Radio Call) invites you to travel to Blackwood Falls.  It is a trip which might just leave you as an eternal resident in this Ghost Town.  

Starring Andrew C. Fisher (who is absolutely GREAT and CHARISMATIC in the lead role), Mandy Lee Rubio, Lauren Lox, Sarah Froelich, Keekee Suki, and Vania Vasquez, A Town Full of Ghosts premieres on digital June 17.

3/5 stars

Film Details

A Town Full of Ghosts

MPAA Rating:
67 mins
: Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez
Andrew C. Fisher; Mandy Lee Rubio; Sarah Froelich
: Horror
TSome Towns Should Stay Forgotten.
Memorable Movie Quote: "We will soon be the proud owners of the abandoned  Blackwood Falls Town"
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Release Date:
June 17, 2022
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Synopsis: Mark and his wife Jenna sell everything they have to purchase a western ghost town called Blackwood Falls in the middle of nowhere. They plan to turn the ghost town into a tourist attraction with hotels, restaurants, and attractions. They hire a small film crew to document their journey and upload the videos to their video channel.


A Town Full of Ghosts