Holistay (2023)

Holistay may not be your cuppa tea.  It is extremely low budget - looking, at times, like an old school episode of the Red Shoe Diaries - and the pacing could be sped up through a bit more editing to build the growing suspense, but this house-based holiday horror flick has the element of demented fun on its side and, in its final moments, reveals a great big shocker which is bound to earn it a bit more play from Horror Hounds.

"this house-based holiday horror flick has the element of demented fun on its side"

Written, Directed and Produced by Mary Gallagher, Holistay is what happens when a vacation goes wrong.  Think of it: a double-booked airbnb in San Diego (but really Las Vegas) with two couples from opposite corners of the globe.  What could go wrong?  Turns out, quite a bit.

Just ask Finn and Branna from Ireland and Tony and Gia from New York as they agree to share a vacation house after being unable to reach the owners.  They get along well enough after being surprised by each other, but there are moments where something lingers between them.  And for good reason.  You see, one couple - and I’ll not spill the tea here - is harboring a dark, dark secret.

And that’s where Holistay comes out on the winning side of things: it is DEMENTED AS HELL.  Pay close attention to the beginning and the end.  You might figure it out.  Sure, the pacing might be a little off, but there is a demented sense about it which, ultimately, wins the audience over in the end because of the surprise it holds in store for those viewers patient enough to stay for the pay off.Holistay (2023)

That’s right.  Things are not as they seem in this beyond elegant house. 

Soon, hooded figures are seen on the property, suitcases are messed with, and wailing and screaming can be heard the night through.  Just what is going on here?  Well, at first, it is anyone’s guess, but slowly the truth is revealed . . .

. . . and it is one for the ages as one horrific night reveals all!

Breaking Glass Pictures will release director Mary Gallagher’s horror feature Holistay, starring Gavin O’Fearraigh of TG4 soap Ros na Rún, Erin Gavin, character actor Steven Martini, and Brazilian actress and model Gabriela Kulaif, on digital platforms July 25th.Go ahead a book your stay!  I dare you!

3/5 stars

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Holistay (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Mary Patel-Gallagher
Mary Patel-Gallagher
Steven Martini; Erin Gavin; Gavin O'Fearraigh
: Horror

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Breaking Glass Pictures
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July 25, 2023 (digital)
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Synopsis: Follows two couples - Finn and Branna from Ireland and Tony and Gia from New York. They do not know each other until they double book a vacation house in San Diego. Unable to reach the owners, the couples decide to all stay at the house since decent lodging is scarce that weekend. They find they all get along although one couple harbors a dark secret..


Holistay (2023)