Hell Of The Screaming Undead (2021)

The zombie apocalypse is among us.  You can either die easy or die fighting!

Opening with the famous OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION, scratchy sound and all, and the panther animated RESTRICTED scroll, Hell Of The Screaming Undead, writer/director/editor Dustin Ferguson’s synth-laden ode to all things rotting and zombified, begins with a BANG and never lets the viewer go as two convicts - Mike Ferguson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and Jasper Cole (American Horror Story) - find themselves pushing back against the undead of Los Angeles.

"fun-filled fright fest"

And it is all thanks to a powerful and largely unknown virus from New Guinea which is turning the residents of LA County into a walking gang of flesh hungry zombies!  With nowhere to turn to, Buzz (Ferguson) and his former cellmate, Earl (Cole) have no recourse against the rising undead population.  All they can do to escape the uprising is to RUN FAST and FAR AWAY from where these monsters are heading!

Along with two female hostages, Mary (Jennifer Nangle) and Heather (Traci Burr), the two make a run for it deep in the Angeles National Forest in order to survive this sudden apocalypse.  But theirs has always been an unsteady alliance.  Can it last the violence that is just begging to be let in or each other?

Both the gore and the cheese have been cranked up in this fun flick.  Hell of the Screaming Undead is yet another low budget offering from the maestro of morbidity and it reverberates down the halls of horror with a whole lot of fun!Hell Of The Screaming Undead (2021)

With interesting red-soaked POV shots from the infected, Hell Of The Screaming Undead is a digitally shot GAS of zombie exploits, cool aerial shots, and Ferguson’s usual go-to talent pool, including D.T. Carney, Erik Anthony Russo, and Mel Novak as Governor Patrick Adams.  Also featured in this fun-filled fright fest are Robert Allen Mukas, Lynn Lowry, Tino R. Zamora, and more colorful characters all up against the walk-stumble crush of flesh-eating zombies.

The film is another solid Ferguson offering as his talent and experience in the genre simply grows and grows.  The dude is blessed with an excellent work ethic, a knack for solid cinematography, and a desire to DO MORE and BE BETTER with each film he releases, which is why it is so much fun to sit down with one of his Z-grade monster flicks, turn off the old brain box, and enjoy the continuation of his cinematic cult following.

Thanks to SCS Entertainment and Orlando Eastwood Films, the last gate of Hell - MISSING FOOTAGE tags and all - have been opened!  The film is now available to buy on blu-ray or stream via SCS Entertainment On Demand!

4/5 stars


Hell Of The Screaming Undead (2021)