Depp's RUM DIARY Scheduled for October Release

Rum DiaryThis fall may actually bring the long-delayed release of The Rum Diary, an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s first, but long lost novel. Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean 4) once again pays homage to his friend and Gonzo-god by producing and starring in the 1950’s era picture as wide-eyed journalist Paul Kemp. Shot back in 2009, the film has been sitting on the proverbial shelf and collecting dust, waiting for a release date.

The plot-challenging book/movie is about a wandering, alcoholic freelance writer who lands in unspoiled San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Depp’s character writes for a local paper. The object of Kemp’s (Depp) obsession in the film is Chenault, played by Amber Heard (Drive Angry 3D). Other cast members include Aaron Eckhart (Battlefield Los Angeles), Giovanni Ribisi (Columbus Circle), and Richard Jenkins (Friends with Benefits).  Director Bruce Robinson (In Dreams, Withnail and I), came out of retirement (with Depp’s insistence due to a promise made to Thompson) to write the screenplay and direct the project. Robinson not only gave up his free time; he also gave up his sobriety in order to write the screenplay.

Other than a few photos, there has yet to be any substantial images depicting the adaptation. GK Films has not released a trailer or a movie poster yet - which may not be a good sign - even with a name like Depp attached to it. One theory on the long wait is that the film (as with Thompson’s book) aren’t up to the wacked-out standards that some may expect as this is pre-Gonzo Journalism and more akin to Hemingway. But as of right now, The Rum Diary is scheduled for release on October 28.

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