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<script type="text/javascript"
</script></div>{/googleAds}Friends, readers and fanboys, THE biggest motion picture event of the year has arrived, and by the looks of it, its here to stay; at least till the end of summer. Like all directors on the sets, if Michael Bay said â"Lights, Camera, Action..." he must have really emphasized on that last word. If you want to experience blinding flashes, deafening explosions and fast paced action, this is exactly the film to watch on the big screen. That said, this film is entirely action driven, rather than plot driven. What more can you expect from a director who has made a name for himself from movies like Bad Boys, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor?

Two years after the events of the first film, Sam Witwicky is all set to study astronomy at university. But before he can experience freshman year at college, scattered Decepticons re-group to take out an entire US naval fleet guarding the watery grave of their defeated leader, Megatron. Once resurrected by a stolen piece of the life giving AllSpark, Megatron heads back to the mother-ship where his return is welcomed by the Decepticon elder, the Fallen. As ancient as time itself, the Fallen instructs Megatron to mobilize remaining Decepticons for a full-on invasion on planet Earth, robbing humans of their life sustaining energy from the Sun. When Sector 7, a covert agency monitoring Transformer activity learns of this plan, a preemptive strike is deployed, led by Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela, followed by the Autobots and the supreme firepower of the US Army Rangers engaging in a battle over air, land and sea.

A blockbuster film of this magnitude is always check-listed against five crucial aspects that ultimately aligns itself with a five star parallel rating.

1. Direction: Given his history in action movies, Michael Bay has simply outdone himself. Directing is crisp and precise, alternating intense action with timely intervals. However, editing seems to have been overlooked with a running time well over two and a half hours.

Transformers2. Acting: While most human actors where mostly diving and ducking for cover, the only one commendable for any acting prowess is Shia LaBeouf, reprising his role as Sam. Rumored to be taking over Harrison Ford's whip from the Indiana Jones saga, LaBeouf is the new rapidly rising megastar of the millennium. With a unique on-screen charisma, this up and coming acting prodigy is already on par with some of Hollywood's heavyweights in the action genre. Providing some of the lighter moments is John Turturro as agent Simmons from sector 7. While his one-liners range from corny to almost hilarious, this is the only other actor to have added some significance in the form of acting. Also look out for repeat performances from Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson as allies fighting alongside the Autobots. Unfortunately, these are the only ones worth mentioning as the biggest let down is the leading actress playing Mikaela. Megan may be the hottest Fox on screen these days, and her perfectly curved S shaped body may distract viewers for now, but she is a long, long way off before being considered anything remotely within the realms of serious acting. On the positive side, she makes for a perfect subject as a walking-talking cosmetics shop. And these are cosmetics that will stay unblemished not matter what the situation, including lip gloss in a hot sandy desert.

3. Plot: There is none. There is no plausible answer in why an ancient race of robots would want to steal our Sun's energy when there are a million other Suns in the universe. There is also no reason why one barely adult human should be caught in a battle between immensely powerful alien robots. Don't even bother asking why the fate of the whole world lies in the sole hands of this man-boy.

4. Effects: Maybe executive producer Steven Spielberg had something to do with it, but visuals incorporated in this film is nothing short of spectacular. Special effects, CGI and robotics are mind blowing, not forgetting the amount of explosions punctuated throughout. Cinematography is awesome with the action flowing from Shanghai, through Paris with a finale over the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Ariel topography is complimented with F-16s and Boeing C-17 Transporters, while nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers add extra depth from the waters below. Additionally, newer Transformer models are fresh to the film, from gigantic Decepticons to smart talking Autobots. For a grueling eye-ball exercise, try watching this film in an IMAX cinema, given the digital up scaling that is reportedly equivalent to 140 terabytes.

5. Reception: Grossing $60 million on its first day of world-wide release, this is only the second film to have achieved this figure in history. As Ryan Seacrest would say â"THIS, IS... " the biggest action movie this summer and in all probability will be the Dark Knight of 2009. Whether it forms another one of Michael Bay's $1 billion grossing movies is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, the GM auto industry could be in for a re-boot with the Chevy Camaro in top demand again, thanks to Autobot Bumblebee.

In conclusion, a wafer thin plot resting heavily on LaBeouf's shoulders without much support from anyone else drags the film below what could have been a five star rating. But in terms of box-office sales, there isn't much competition around currently. With two quarters remaining this year, there is the slight possibility that this will be the highest grossing film ever.

Component Grades
4 stars
4 stars
DVD Experience
4 stars


DVD Details:

Screen Formats: 1.85:1

Subtitles: English; French; Spanish; Closed Captioned

Language and Sound: English: Dolby Digital 5.1

Other Features: Color; interactive menus; scene access.



  • Feature-length commentary track with director Michael Bay

Number of Discs: 2 with Keepcase Packaging