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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Making any film is a tricky endeavor, let alone a film in a franchise that shows no duds. Added to which, this latest incarnation has been balanced carefully between the controls of two competing studios, following a less successful reboot of the character (only a few years earlier). Is it simply the IP: the name Spider-Man? Or have Marvel, yet again, struck gold with this now well-established third incarnation of Web Head on the silver screen?

"Easy to digest, fun, but more empty and flippant than it needed to be."

In this entry, remarkably the fifth appearance (ALREADY?!!!) of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, we pick up almost immediately after the events of Avengers: Endgame.  We find Peter fatigued and traumatized from the previous film’s events, and eagerly awaiting a European school vacation with his classmates… especially the object of his affections:  MJ (Zendaya). Peter has formulated a big plan to woo MJ, ignore his alter-ego, and embrace being a high school kid just for a little while. But even before he’s on the plane, the realities of Tony Stark’s loss, and what lay ahead, invade his desired smaller world, and make him face his mourning, his self-belief, and realize his future role to the world at large. Hope comes in the form of a new hero, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal, who almost became Spider-man himself a few years back), and through unexpected turns of fate, he is responsible for Peter coming to terms with all his quandaries.

This story, on the surface, is fairly straight forward. But the film’s young, comedic road trip backdrop through almost its entirety could have been very counter-productive to the main narrative. Yet it works, pretty well in fact. Credit must lay, this time, with its lead. Tom Holland has comfortably settled into this role in this, his second lead, and fifth film in the role. His effortless handling of the rapid change scenes is excellent. He goes from displaying a love sick young man, to comedic moments, to displaying true trauma and grief perfectly. He is definitely the audience’s anchor through a sometimes schizophrenic plot, and manages to keep you fixed throughout all the twists and turns. {googleads}

The supporting characters do a fantastic job with what they’re given. Having said this, there is a subplot addressed (mostly in voiceover) at the start of the movie, about all the snapped people now returning to a world 5 years older, but they haven’t aged, that is breezed by. The supporting cast is there purely for laughs, of which they provide plenty. They could have been more Flight of the Navigator than We’re the Millers. It’s a missed opportunity.

It’s a light film, for the most part, with frenetic action and comedy scenes unfolding thick and fast. Its spectacle is undeniable, but lacks anything we haven’t seen before and seen better. I found the endless destruction of stuff and acrobatic scenes very repetitive by the second onslaught of them to be honest. The more illusion based effects grabbed me.Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Mysterio is an interesting character, ties to previous films, and has plenty of surprises. Gyllenhaal performs the different aspects of this character well, but for me, with the exception of Jamie Fox’s Electro, this is the weakest friend/foe of all the Spider-man films. Again, there were elements of this character breezed over far too briskly, for the sake of more buildings crumbling and more loud noises. A missed opportunity.

In the end, this is a breezy sit through that does emotionally resonate, thanks to its lead’s performance. This film, albeit far too briefly, does show the after effects of the Infinity Saga, and gives us some answers and tendrils for the future. Easy to digest, fun, but more empty and flippant than it needed to be. Marvel still delivers a Spidey we want more of, but it’s time for him to progress.

There are two credit scenes, so stay until the end. They are both jaw droppers. That’s all I’ll say.

3/5 stars


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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)


Blu-ray Details:

Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD

Home Video Distributor: Sony Pictures
Available on Blu-ray:
October 1, 2019
Screen Formats: 2.39
: English, English SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1; French: Dolby Digital 5.1Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; Two-disc set; DVD copy
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

With plenty of extras – including a short film – MCU fans will be pleased with this digitally shot feature film. It will make them almost as happy as the news that Disney and Sony have figured out how to keep Spidey in the MCU . . . for now. A Digital Copy Code is also included with purchase.


The 1080p 2.39:1 presentation is adequately brilliant, crisp and clean with only a few errors that pop up from time to time. Outdoor scenes – of which there are many – hold resolution with crisp edges and bright colors, however during some dimly-lit interior scenes, we notice an occasional digital crush in the darker areas. Nothing too blatant and certainly not something that takes anything away from the visual experience. The European locations are bright and sprinkled with even touches in CGI elements which keeps the visuals engaged.


Sony continues to stick to its Dolby TrueHD 7.1 tracks and gives Far From Home a major lift with this inspired sound field of cosmic goodness.



  • None

Special Features:

Spider-Man: Far from Home’s supplemental material includes a short film, a gag reel, deleted scenes, and a bunch of other featurettes that include looks at the effects and the

  • Peter's To-Do List - A Short Film
  • Gag Reel & Outtakes
  • Deleted & Alternate Scenes
  • Teachers' Travel Tips
  • The Jump Off
  • Stepping Up
  • Suit Up
  • Now You See Me
  • Far, Far, Far from Home
  • It Takes Two
  • Fury & Hill
  • The Ginter-Riva Effect
  • Thank You, Mrs. Parker
  • Stealthy Easter Eggs
  • The Brothers Trust
  • Select Scene Pre-Vis
  • Preview

Blu-ray Rating:

  Movie 4/5 stars
  Video  4/5 stars
  Audio 4/5 stars
  Extras 4/5 stars

Overall Blu-ray Experience

3.5/5 stars



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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, some language and brief suggestive comments.
129 mins
: Jon Watts
Steve Ditko
Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal
: Action | Adventure
Far From Home
Memorable Movie Quote: "Bitch, please! You've been to space."
Theatrical Distributor:
Columbia Pictures
Official Site: https://www.spidermanfarfromhome.movie/
Release Date:
July 3, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available.
Synopsis: Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.



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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)