What have they done to Mickey Mouse? The poster for the indie film Escape from Tomorrow shows Mickey’s gloved hand reaching up, as blood drips from his fingers. Despite the use of Mickey and the familiar Disney font, the movie’s obviously not kid friendly. The tagline reinforces that impression: “Bad things happen everywhere.

The plot concerns a family man named Jim White (Roy Abramsohn). On the last day of their vacation in Disney World, he finds out that he has lost his job. Not wanting to ruin the family’s fun, Jim keeps the news to himself but slowly unravels over the course of the day. He notices two teenage French girls and (disturbingly) follows them around. He also has strange visions: his son’s eyes turn black and later the Epcot dome explodes. The fact that the movie is black and white adds to its bleak, noir quality. The “happiest place on Earth” is not only unhappy but increasingly surreal and violent, as seen through Jim’s eyes.

The story of Escape from Tomorrow’s production is just as intriguing as the plot. Filmmakers shot almost the whole movie in Disney theme parks secretly and without permission, using handheld cameras, digital recorders and smart phones.

Although Disney is famously litigious over its copyrights, it might not have a case against filmmaker Randy Moore. The movie may be considered commentary, which is legally protected in the “fair use” category. In other words, it could be that the Mouse’s bloody hands are tied.

Escape from Tomorrow will open in select theaters on October 11. Check out the poster below:

Escape From Tomorrow