Horrible Bosses - Movie TrailerSeth Gordon won a lot of fans a few years back with his fascinating video game pissing match documentary, The King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters. Though he slipped back a few notches with Four Christmases, the following year, the veteran filmmaker appears to be back on track with the dark little comedy, Horrible Bosses.

The trailer was just released over on Apple.com so you can go there to check it out in HD, or just watch it below to see the hilarious ensemble comedy team Gordon has put together. The film stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikus and Charlie Day playing office workers who turn to the worst imaginable scenarios to eliminate their, um, horrible bosses.

Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Colin Ferrell portray the titular characters while Jamie Foxx plays a shady character named Mutherfucker Jones. Be sure to check out Colin Ferrell's sweet comb-over!

Horrible Bosses is co-written by TV writer Michael Morkowitz as well as John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein. The official synopsis goes like this:

Three friends (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis) conspire to murder their awful bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell), when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness. But even with help of a “murder consultant” (Jamie Foxx), they find out that murder isn’t as easy as the nightly news often makes it seem.