The Change-Up Red Band TrailerSee a much different side to Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the new red-band trailer for The Change-up. The film is another one of the those Freaky Friday-type body switch comedies, but this time it's for adults.

Bateman plays a married man learning to change diapers while trying to cope with a nagging wife. Ryan Reynolds is an apartment-dwelling bachelor growing tired of the single life. When the two simultaneously wish to swap their lives… well, you can guess what happens. Hint: it's not SFW!

The Change-up is from David Dobkin who also directed Wedding Crashers and is written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, writers of The Hangover, so the film promises lots of laughs and raunchy situational humor. And if the trailer is any indication, raunchy is the operative word here.

Check out the trailer and poster below. The trailer is an age restricted one so, beware:

The Change-up movie poster