The Amazing Spider-Man TrailerSony released a new trailer today for its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, the film's second, that is sure to get the internet buzzing as the purists and the modernists take their corners in the battle of Spider-Man supremacy.

Though this new trailer will do nothing to persuade those loyal to Sam Raimi's over-the-top cinematic version of the Marvel classic to jump onto Webb's gritty, more modern take on Peter Parker's transformation (more in tune with Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man series of comic books), the fact that this trailer has a lot of good stuff going on, including our first significant look at Spidey's villain The Lizard, and that all the action stunts are more grounded physically, can't be denied.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field and Martin Sheen. It is set for a July 3, 2012 release in both 2D and 3D formats.

Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man below or head over to YouTube to see it in its HD glory.