Bad Milo TrailerImagine Rosemary’s Baby remade as a comedy. Now, what if the baby was a demon instead of the Antichrist? And what if it came not from a woman’s womb but a man’s colon? That’s the premise of Bad Milo!, a horror comedy from indie filmmakers the Duplass Brothers. Citizen Kane it ain’t.

Duncan (Ken Marino) has a stressful life. His boss (Patrick Warburton) gives him the dirty work of firing employees. His wife (Gillian Jacobs) is having trouble conceiving. He also doesn’t get along with his parents (Mary Kay Place and Stephen Root).

All the pressure in Duncan’s life causes him severe stomach pain. But a doctor’s visit turns up something worse than a tumor: a baby demon is living in his body. The demon has a temper, too. When someone upsets Duncan, he falls unconscious and the creature pops out to attack the troublemaker. Personally, I hope the movie has a courtroom scene. I’m pretty sure a “monster living up my butt” ruling would set a legal precedent.

Bad Milo! will arrive on demand on August 29 and in theaters on October 4. It has two trailers, one green band and one red. The green band trailer is safe for general audiences, while the red contains more profanity and gore. Watch them both below: