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Reawakened (2020)

Issuing its visceral warning at the beginning of things, Reawakened gives viewers quite a shock when a young girl who is standing in front of a mirror witnesses a crucifix start spinning.  She is suddenly grabbed from behind and choked with whatever it is that is behind her screams, “JOIN US!”  This is our introduction to director Jose Altonaga’s witchy world of evil possessions.

"Hot springs!  Hot guys!  And marshmallows galore!  What could possibly go wrong.  Turns out, quite a bit."

Michele Chadwick (Stefani Brass, The Onania Club), age 22, is in for quite a surprise when a summer vacation turns into a nightmare.  Now, the sole survivor of a hiking trip gone to Hell, it is left up to her, her grandmother (Tina Cole, My Three Sons) and Detective Henderson (Chantelle Albers, The 6th Friend) to put the pieces back together of that fateful night.

If anything, Reawakened - with a long production history considering its zero budget, creative effects, and obvious reshooots - is a rather spirited affair thanks to the two timelines guiding its rollout.  It’s generic when it comes to its plot - kids messing around with things they shouldn’t in yet another cabin in the woods - but provides a fun and energetic approach to what sounds very tired and typical with an interview happening in the present and the hiking in the past.  {googleads}

Soon enough, we are all curious as to what happened.  The set-up, including an aesthetic that makes the film look like something from the 1980s, has an air of mystery about it.  Something evil was awakened from centuries past . . . or was it Reawakened?!

Blame it on the pentagram discovered in a desolate cabin in the woods.  Or, better yet, blame it on Sarah (Brooke Mackenzie, Sink Hole) who probably should have left well enough alone and not touched the damned thing because when she does, slipping on the amulet that was discovered along with it, Abigail, a long deceased witch, comes back to life and she’s not happy until everyone - and I do mean everybody - is dead!

All she needs is her missing spell book.  Whoops.  Found it!  Eternal damnation for all!  With a mixture of practical effects and CGI gore, Reawakened is horror on a budget.  Yet, it works to create a chilling vibe as these teenagers become bait for a witch hellbent on revenge.Reawakened (2020)

Hot springs!  Hot guys!  And marshmallows galore!  What could possibly go wrong.  Turns out, quite a bit.  And that’s why you steer clear of abandoned houses in the woods!  Especially, if you and your friends are traveling a long and winding path toward Beckon Falls.  

Written by Jose Altonaga and Remy MacKenzie, Reawakened also stars Chantelle Albers (Seberg),  Dabier (Black Lightning), Charlie Ian (Whiplash) and Malcom Matthews (Juiced).  It is available April 28 On Demand from Wild Eye Releasing.  

Find out what happens when vacations attack!

3/5 stars

Reawakened (2020)


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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Jose Altonaga
Jose Altonaga, Remy MacKenzie
Steffani Brass, Brooke Mackenzie, Tina Cole
: Horror
Evil Has Been Summoned.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Her eyes turn all weird."
Wild Eye Releasing
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April 28, 2020
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No details
Synopsis: Michele is the sole survivor of a vacation gone horribly wrong, in which several of her friends were murdered. She discovers that she is harboring the spirit of a centuries-old witch inside her, and it’s up to her best friend to find a way to save her soul from eternal damnation.



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