Wrong Place, Wrong Time

It turns out, you can’t double-cross the devil!

Check out the title.  Frankly, it tells you pretty much what you need to know about this plan to steal billions of dollars in laundered money.  That’s right!  It ALL goes to shit.  You might make the mistake of thinking that this elite squad of thieves might be in the wrong place and the wrong time when it comes to the police on their back or the mob boss they rob.  

"goes for some uncharted territory as a CRIME thriller to HORROR schlock"


You’d be - ahem -  WRONG, though.  When it comes to B-movie routes, Wrong Place, Wrong Time goes for some uncharted territory as a CRIME thriller to HORROR schlock.

There’s SOMETHING ELSE lurking in the shadows of the frame.  Complete with double-crosses and devilish scares, Wrong Place, Wrong Time takes its SHOCK and GORE factor to an all new level as a family of mutes crank up the SCARES and turn the tables in this plot of double-crossing deals gone from BAD to WORSE.

That’s not to say that the vigilantes at the center of this tale aren’t being pursued by the authorities and the baddies.  They are and, as the film opens with a SPRAY of bullets flying every which way, there’s chaos and disorder everywhere they turn.  It is a tad disorientating as a viewer, but exciting nonetheless.  Wrong Place, Wrong Time

But, when the dust settles, the unlikable characters at the center of this horror film get their just desserts.  It turns out, this motley group of vigilantes was better off in the streets, taking their chances with bullet after bullet of whatever the coppers could fire at them.  Because, once they hunker down in the middle of nowhere with a family they have taken hostage, well, all bets are OFF.

There’s a terrifying secret that’s about to make itself known to them and it has EVERYTHING to do with the man of the house.  It turns out that he’s NO MAN AT ALL!  He is, in fact, a creature of the NIGHT!

Directed by Justin Price (The Elf, The 13th Friday), Wrong Place, Wrong Time stars Franziska Schissler, Bianca Stein, Alex Ryan Brown, Chase Garland, Olivia Rivera, Mike Markoff, Timothy McKinney, Marcia Vargas, Karen Carreno, Natalia Rangel, and Price himself.  This low budget film is solid with its handling of gore and the creature costume, but it falls in its development of characters worth caring about and has us rooting on the creature to finish the job.

Maybe that’s the point of it all.  

Wrong Place, Wrong Time premieres On Demand and DVD May 4, 2021 from Uncork'd Entertainment.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Wrong Place, Wrong TimeMPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Justin Price
Christopher Butler, Fredrik Gustafsson
Craig McGinlay, David Kallaway, Vanessa Eichholz
: Crime
One choice Can Change Everything.
Memorable Movie Quote: "You shouldn't have come here"
Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
May 4, 2021
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Synopsis: Story of an unimaginable nightmare and how a ticket to a new life turns out to be a one way ticket to hell.



Wrong Place, Wrong Time