The Slayers


Thanks to an outrageous opening in which two cult members - mere minutes after the rest of their tribe has gulped down some poison - decide NOT to drink the “kool aid” and take a road trip instead, The Slayers BEGINS and ENDS with a tongue wagging BANG.  I kid you not, this is a side-splitting comedy that has moments which draw comparisons to the likes of Shaun of the Dead and The Dead Don't Die.

"a side-splitting comedy that has moments which draw comparisons to the likes of Shaun of the Dead and The Dead Don't Die"

And it is all because Job (Matthew Sandland) and Nigel (Darren McAree), the brothers who decide to question their willingness to die for the Big Scary Comet Cult, open their mouths and ask, “what if . . . “ before downing the cocktail in their hands.  Shove it, BSCC, we are hitting the road to become HEROES!

Written, Produced and Directed by cult movie favorite John Williams (Tales of the Creeping Death, The Mothertown), The Slayers a horror/comedy film that cult enthusiasts are simply going to HOWL over as these two, celebrating what they believe to be the last two weeks on earth, drop their dog off with their neighbor and hit the road in a RV for a series of comic misadventures that, ultimately, finds them teaming up with a team of monster hunters led by veteran monster killer Reg (George Newton).

And their target is an army of vampires!  Holy crap!  You might not have seen it coming, but this horror/comedy is all sorts of surprising in its arc of celebrating Do-Gooders at the supposed end of times.  Landing every comedic beat and not content to waste anybody’s time, The Slayers is a treat times three as hilarity follows wherever this disastrous duo goes.The Slayers

Simply put, low budget independent horror doesn’t get any BETTER than right here in The Slayers.  The places this team visits in their tour are historic and memorable, ranging from the familiar sight of Blackpool and on to the Lake District.  They even "motor-home" it right on to the remote mountains of Scotland for a night full of girls, beer, and VAMPIRES

And, along for the ride, is great timing, classy wit, and a morbid sense of humor which constantly works with great moments, awesome back-and-forths, and a charming list of memorable characters.

And that winning attitude doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the gore either.  Special Effects maestro Graham Taylor is on board the journey to school everyone in the mastercraft of OLD SCHOOL FX!  And they work in unison with the script and the actors to deliver a win for independent filmmakers.

Ready to get slayed by The Slayers?! The film is now available on DVD and Digital from Wild Eye Releasing.  Say a prayer for them.  This daft duo is going to need all the help they can get!

5/5 stars

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The Slayers

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
101 mins
: John Williams
John Williams
Darren McAree, Matthew Sandland, George Newton
: Comedy | Horror
Hunt or Die.
Memorable Movie Quote: "We work alone."
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Synopsis: Two cult members take a road trip in a motorhome before their predicted end of the world, but soon run into a team of vampire hunters and are recruited to help defeat an army of monsters.



The Slayers