The Peacemakers

It’s wild!  It’s outta this world!  And it’s completely unhinged.  It’s what happens when two extraterrestrials arrive on earth to complete a mission they don’t even understand.  When Murphy’s Law constantly hands their own asses to them, they decide to select their own nature and it’s all in an effort to watch this world burn.

"Get ready for one hell of a wild comedy as these two aliens aren’t really sure what to expect down here on Earth"

The Peacemakers have arrived!  Get ready for one hell of a wild comedy as these two aliens aren’t really sure what to expect down here on Earth.  But they are definitely down for whatever transpires.  Completely outrageous and full of laugh out loud moments - courtesy of a constant keyed-in dialogue between the two masked aliens - this film is absolutely LIT with a mojo that is never satisfied for very long.

Upon their arrival on this planet, these two beings are met with stupidity from the human beings.  Their organization wants more information about humanity before they decide to level it in a pool of melting rubble or not.  Unfortunately, one of their own has gone rogue and they need to determine er whereabouts. 

But the people they run into - from partygoers to racists and beyond - have it in for them and their classified objectives.  The success of this covert mission is constantly under threat, especially when a dangerous rogue scout and her accomplice descend upon the two of them. Will they beat the odds or will they land in deeper trouble than they bargained for?The Peacemakers

May all your realities turn into dreams . . . or something like that.  Written, produced, directed, photographed and edited by Svyatoslav Nikitin, making his feature film directorial debut, The Peacemakers is a fun and cosmic collection of vignettes, interesting points of view, and a wild style that is both visually arresting and outrageous. 

The Peacemakers, a SinInc Films production, stars Noah Paul, Rick Didham, Kylah Carree and Thomas MacKinnon.  It is being released by Wild Eye Releasing and can be rented via Amazon Prime.  Buckle up, Earthlings! 

You aren't ready for the B-grade hijinks which kick-off when these two land in some random back alley via a suitcase they pull themselves out of!  One has blue eyes and one has green eyes, yet they both bring unblinking chaos on a whole new level.  Prime directive?  What prime directive?!  

Shove the notepads up your own black holes!  The Peacemakers aren’t on a mission from God, but they are - at the very least - on a mission.

3/5 stars

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The Peacemakers

MPAA Rating:
80 mins
: Svyatoslav Nikitin
Svyatoslav Nikitin
Kevin Powe (voice); Aaron Catano-Saez (voice); Erica Kroger (voice)
: Comedy | Sci-fi
Saving the Galaxy One Shithole at a Time.
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Synopsis: Two masked aliens arrive to Earth on a secret mission, seemingly to help the planet.  But when a rogue alien follows them here, all hell is about to break loose, and humankind is caught in the middle.


The Peacemakers