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The Last Five Days

Sometimes it pays to keep your ass home and not investigate the unknown - whether it be an orchard or a mountain. The Last Five Days, a deeply unsettling found footage film, is proof of that fact.  And it is now on digital and DVD!

"It’s The Blair Witch Project meets Paranormal Activity as The Last Five Days will have all of us screaming at the screen"


This found footage horror film from writer/director Clay Moffatt begins with an eruption of chaos as Detective Sanchez (Adam Berardi) holds a news conference about the death of two young men who were studying for a degree in film production.  They were killed in the middle of filming their project, he says.  

And that’s when the question is asked by one of the news reporters there, “if there was a film, did you watch it?”  The look on Sanchez’s face says it all.  The deaths of Brian Mills (Joe Pacini, who co-wrote the movie) and Greg Sanders (Moffatt) were caught on film and it is . . . terrifying.

That’s just the beginning of The Last Five Days. And, yes, we want to see the carnage!

New from Wild Eye Releasing and Overnight Pictures, The Last Five Years documents a real demonic possession that, originally recorded in 2011, was kept under wraps due to its terrifying content as two juniors in college - who are actually likeable and believable - document a series of terrifying events in an abandoned orchard, at first, and then at the top of a mountain where a ghost is supposed to push people off from the edge..The Last Five Days

Co-written by Joe Pacini, The Last Five Days stars Kayla Andrews, Adam Berardi, and Melaney Cook and, with a focus on atmosphere, manage to deliver an intriguing tale as a journey into an orchard is documented and then a hike to the top of a mountain leads to a series of coincidences that they can’t explain.  The low production values are by design, but they are employed with solid consistency as the two students - with good and believable banter - talk about the urban myths surrounding the area they are exploring and come upon some interesting discoveries.

And then, in the pitch black of midnight, the unthinkable happens.  They become what they are documenting thanks to an unseen force that pushes one of them over the edge.  Maybe.  A rescue mission leads to the discovery of the same type of mysterious fruit found in the orchard.  Armed with flares and water bottles, these two students suddenly realize - when they open a small box they’ve stumbled upon - that they are in over their heads.

Time to head home and regroup, but the friends are far from safe.  

And that’s when the horror, brutal and domestic, hits hard.  The overall effect for the audience maintains that what we are seeing and hearing is, in fact, very real which is complement to the filmmakers and the actors.  It’s The Blair Witch Project meets Paranormal Activity as The Last Five Days will have all of us screaming at the screen, “DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT!”

Curiosity kills.  Find out why in The Last Five Days, now on digital and DVD thanks to Wide Eye Releasing.

3/5 stars


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The Last Five Days


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The Last Five Days

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
71 mins
: Clay Moffatt
Clay Moffatt, Joe Pacini
Kayla Andrews, Adam Berardi, Melaney Cook
: Adventure | Horror | Thriller
Curiosity Kills.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
June 30, 2020
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Synopsis: Two college students find evidence connecting a story they are investigating for film class to a series of deaths. Things begin to spiral out of control when an unknown force watching them becomes more violent and bloodthirsty.


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The Last Five Days