Run! (2024)

“Is my wife alive?!”

The energy throughout Run! Is truly off the charts, especially for a low budget film, but that’s why this throwback film works as well as it does. From the opening moments of the matching wedding band tattoos (and shirts!) to the set design in the chapel o’ luv and the colorful characters sprinkled throughout this gritty desert chase thriller, Run! is all sorts of cinematic fun!

"Thrilling, demented, and retaining a spirit of fun throughout this desert chase, Run! gets its vibe right"

Especially if you are a fan of cinematic gonzo-themed violence and characters who go to the eXXXtreme! Thrilling, demented, and retaining a spirit of fun throughout this desert chase, Run! gets its vibe right when it comes to cult film appreciation, of which this one is bound for.

Written and directed by Bill Brennenstuhl and Paul Stenerson and filmed by Dalen Muster, Run! begins with a desert beatdown via a baseball bat before giving us the backstory of this military-minded recently married couple. It’s brief, but we can tell they love each other as they hop into the black van destined for their hotel, but their wedding night is about to go sideways real quickly.

Because before we can get to the “Happily Ever After” part of this fairy tale romance, there’s a whole lot of grit and gore to wade through as one man, following directions from a drone in the desert must race against time to save his wife. It’s a pretty gruesome trek as he’s doing it barefoot. Run! is, after all, a throwback to the grindhouse cult classics of yesteryear and it shows by taking narrative risks, dividing all of its parts into chapters, in order to create the fully realized story of this kidnapping.Run! (2024)

The production design from Kyla Mactaggart is both fun and perfect for this lo-fi thriller and, as it incorporates a lot of different camera presentations - from drones and so on - throughout its 90-minutes, Run! proves to be visually engaging as worm-covered bodies rotting in the desert are uncovered and the mystery deepens in one man’s search for his wife.

Starring Jeremy Miller (Homicide Hunter), Alena Von Stroheim (Found Footage 3D), Taylor Alexa (Written On My Skin), Vjosa Halili (Adelina), Les Feltmate (Less Than A Whisper), Benjamin Watt (Jurassic Galaxy), Kevin Muster (Broken Wendahl), Kari Michelle (Besties), Jackie Green (Karma Bums), Dan Gregory (Spring), Elektra Cohen (Antwan Against All Odds), and Dan Gregory (The Last Hosemen), the performances are strong, if not captivating, as a masked madman, a lethal shooter, and a menacing truck driver join in on the fun. Amidst the chaos, a drone, controlled by the orchestrator of this deadly game, watches their every move.

Run! will be available On Demand and Digital on May 14th via Red Hound Entertainment.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Run! (2024)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
90 mins
: Bill Brennenstuhl; Paul Stenerson
Bill Brennenstuhl; Paul Stenerson
Alena von Stroheim; Taylor Alexa; Jeremy Miller
: Thriller | Horror
I the desert no one cares if you scream
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May 14, 2024
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Synopsis: A married couple, renewing their vows in a desert town, get entangled in a psychopath's deadly game of love and vengeance.


Run! (2024)