Rock, Paper And Scissors

Chamber piece narratives in which a trio of relationships are central to its structure work because of one thing: dysfunction.  And it is that exactly which this movie excels in as tension threatens to wipe out every corner in this domestic thriller.  

"knows its way around terror as muted colors dominate the film’s palette and unreliable characters command the stage"

Maybe it is the Wizard of Oz influences webbing up the corners in this domicile or maybe it is the childish adults who inhibit the house which is at stake in Rock, Paper And Scissors (Piedra, papel y tijera), but, whatever it is, this thriller and its incessantly buzzing doorbell which kickstarts the gaslighting is DEFINITELY the distraction from the humdrum pandemic reality that we all need this summer.

Directed by Martín Blousson and Macarena García Lenzi, Rock, Paper And Scissors is a darker-than-dark thriller with elements of rich comedy as two siblings embark on a bloody feud over who gets their inheritance.  Full of unexpected twists, clever and claustrophobic cinematography, this foreign film - after debuting at Fantastic Fest, FrightFest, Brooklyn Horror FF, and Fantaspoa - is now scheduled for wide release on July 6 via On Demand platforms.

Like Misery, Rosemary’s Baby or any other memorable “single space” horror story before it, Rock, Paper And Scissors knows how to play its audience for ultimate control.  

Rather unexpectedly, you will be laughing before the screaming begins and, ultimately, you will find yourself laughing again as Jesus (Pablo Sigal, Lions) and Maria José (Valeria Giorcelli, Crystal Eyes) begin a war with their half-sister, Magdalena (Agustina Cerviño), after she comes to live with them, asking about the inheritance they should be splitting with her.

Uh-oh.  Damn it, Dad!  Rock, Paper And Scissors

Quite suddenly, Jesus and Maria Jose’s bizarre world of games and slight madness is rocked and all bets are off as to who is going to survive this bloody and strange war - especially when this means that they are going to have to divide up the BIG house which they are sharing quite comfortably with the unwanted and unexpected Magdelena.  

But an unfortunate accident - they didn’t plan it, really - gives them the upper hand and fills their head with ideas on how they can NOT divide their comfort up.  Thus, gaslighting their way through bedside conversations and, for us, palpable anxiety as these two seem to enjoy the torment they are causing their . . . half-sister.

Let the psychological terror begin! 

And, truly, this film - which never backs away from its main purpose to entertain - knows its way around terror as muted colors dominate the film’s palette and unreliable characters command the stage, front and center-like just daring you to blink.  You can’t.  They are so well performed that you never know what exactly they are after . . . you can only stare transfixed at their power to influence.

Thick with atmosphere and striking visuals, this Argentinian horror film is moody as hell as it takes its Wes Anderson by way of Stephen King influences and twists them into a savage and strange horror film that won’t soon be forgotten.  After all, there’s no place like home.  

A full digital and on demand release will be provided by Dark Star Pictures on July 6.

4/5 stars

 Film Details

Rock, Paper And Scissors

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
83 mins
: Martín Blousson, Macarena García Lenzi
Macarena García Lenzi
Agustina Cerviño, Valeria Giorcelli, Pablo Sigal
: Thriller
Some Games Last a Lifetime.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Dark Star Pictures
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Release Date:
July 6, 2021
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Synopsis: Jesus and Jose Maria are siblings living in a closed-off world constructed of strange games and relentless madness. When their half-sister Magdalena returns home to inquire about her share of their inheritance, a strange and bloody affair ensues.


Rock, Paper And Scissors