Evil Everywhere

The RETRO feel BAD vibes begins here!

What do you do when an EVIL once halted resumes in your small town?  Smash your face onto the keys of a typewriter until the flesh peels?  Fall asleep in an empty movie theater?  Enter Belleview Manor and rage against its evil?!  Find out when Evil Everywhere, a full-throttled horror satire, makes itself known on DVD and On Demand this May!

"Made complete with exaggerated acting and grainy pops of dirt and debris in its 16mm swagger, this frightfully FUN flick simply NAILS all the good and gory times with a KILLER attitude"


From Wild Eye Releasing and writer/director Mykee Morettini (who also stars in the film), Evil Everywhere begins with a ridiculously fun throwback vibe as a narrator - over squelchy synths - describes the attacks which wiped out the senior class of Elkridge, Illinois.  It’s demented and hellbent on delivering audiences a FRIGHTFULLY ghoulish time!

Settle in, folks, it’s about to get WILD and I absolutely love Evil Everywhere’s GONZO moxie as the B-minded shenanigans of the past are absolutely embraced with a fun-loving wink and a nudge for just over an hour of full-throttled Evil Dead-inspired terror.Evil Everywhere

Opening in 1985 when a dark and mysterious EVIL was unleashed, Evil Everywhere is a wicked throwback to the KILLER CULT CLASSICS of a bygone era of filmmaking.  As we are told, it was Zeke Zanderfeldt and a mysterious girl with telekinesis powers who discovered how to stop this alphabetically-minded killing force, but the police had them pegged for the killings so Zeke went into hiding and the girl disappeared or died or . . . well, you get it.

But now, TWO YEARS LATER, the evil has returned!  With Zeke missing, who can Jake Davis turn to help him stop this monstrous evil as it restarts its SADISTIC STOMP full of grisly remains and bleeding eyes?  When Jake finds Zeke, they discover the pattern has changed and thus begins their unholy attempt to get to the bottom of the new surge in killings.  

Holy HEAVY METAL zombies, Gorehounds and Go-Go Ghouls!  This one is loaded with cassettes and drumstick killings!  Made complete with exaggerated acting and grainy pops of dirt and debris in its 16mm swagger, this frightfully FUN flick simply NAILS all the good and gory times with a KILLER attitude as this DEMONIC COMEDY reveals its surprises.  

Co-starring Dylan Greenberg (Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High, Dark Prism), Corrinne Mica (Nightfall, Shadow Marsh) and Brian Harmony (Concessions, Awake), Evil Everywhere is full of nuns, guns, and the DARK ARTS as one motley crew must band together to force out the unwanted evil that haunts the corners of their town.

Evil Everywhere premieres on DVD and Digital May 25.  Time to GET WICKED with your bad self!

4/5 stars

 Film Details

Evil Everywhere

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
64 mins
: Mykee Morettini
Mykee Morettini
Corrinne Mica, Dylan Mars Greenberg, Mykee Morettini
: Horror
Death Beckons.
Memorable Movie Quote:
Wild Eye Releasing
Official Site: https://www.facebook.com/evileverywhere/
Release Date:
May 25, 2021
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
May 25, 2021
Synopsis: In 1985, an ancient evil began slaughtering the high school senior class in alphabetical order - but it was stopped. Two years later it has resurfaced, and a trio of friends must join together against the demonic force that is claiming new young lives. But what they discover is more complicated and evil than any of them imagined.


Evil Everywhere