Bigfoot Famous

What’s up, Coley Nation?!

Bigfoot Famous, written and directed by Sam Milman and Peter Vass, is a hilarious trip into the woods to find the elusive Bigfoot.  And it is all because a once-popular influencer must keep her numbers up and her subscribers happy.  Her audience has outgrown her lame comments and tricks, but she’s not giving up on her click-bait challenges.

"filled with hilarious spins on all things Sasquatch, including those experts out there and the fans of social media influencers"

Coley Nation (Stephanie Barkley) is feeling the pressure of being an influencer on YouTube.  She’s out of ideas and her partner, Jericho (Sam Milman), is now more recognizable than she is.  He’s not much help when it comes to spooning her either and making her feel better!  So, when a video of Bigfoot goes viral, she decides the next best thing she could ever hope to do for her internet fame and ego is to get the elusive creature to pose for a selfie with her.

It’s either that or she posts a video where Jericho dies and her now-more-famous-than-she-is sidekick is not down with that at all.

But first, she and Jericho - who just might have more sense than Miss Nation - must get a guide to help them survive the forest.  Their choices in trackers - between an overweight mama’s boy (Chris Kleckner) with an equally weird sister or a psychotic tweaker with yellow teeth (Anthony Ma) - are slim to none, so why not bring them both?!?!Bigfoot Famous

Bigfoot Famous, hilariously enough, explains why all of this is a bad idea as these influencers are definitely out of their element and, as expected, death and disaster awaits them all.  Or does it?!  From pretending to be Bigfoot (which ends with a rather funny fatality) to getting lost along with the supposed guides, Coley Nation finds herself in extreme situations that result in darkly funny consequences.

Entertaining and damned clever throughout, this Bad Weather Films production is all about an older influencer’s (who is not yet dumb rich) whacked attempt at being relevant.  I mean, she’s so out of style that even a Sasquatch spotting trumps her when it comes to the popularity game.  Well, all that is going to change . . . especially when the killing begins!

Featuring Marlon Webb and Lauren Howard Hayes, this comedic journey into the woods to capture a big hairy man walking alongside Coley Nation and Jericho is both hilarious as its characters are definitely OUT THERE and ON POINT with its dark spin on modern horror and humor.  Bigfoot Famous is filled with hilarious spins on all things Sasquatch, including those experts out there and the fans of social media influencers.

From Gravitas Ventures and writer/directors Sam Milman and Peter Vass, this November 2nd it’s time to get Bigfoot Famous with the comedy’s digital debut!

4/5 stars

Film Details

Bigfoot Famous

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
89 mins
: Sam Milman; Peter Vass
Steph Barkley; Chris Kleckner; Sam Milman
Steph Barkley; Chris Kleckner; Sam Milman
: Comedy | Adventure
Fame is just one vlog away.
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Gravitas Ventures
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Release Date:
November 2, 2021
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Synopsis: Bigfoot Famous shows how far one influencer will go for fame and how consumed our society has become with getting likes and follows. “The vanity surrounding influencer culture and the need to feel loved by millions of strangers is on full display in the film” said directors Sam Milman and Peter Vass, at the same time. They followed up their quote with an immediate “jinx”. Peter saying it a split second faster than Sam. “It represents the most significant tale of our to get more followers on social media.” Peter added.


Bigfoot Famous