All Eyes

Things have been strange since one caller to US Sane trapped a monster in his basement. US Sane, a podcast which is finding its audience dwindling, originally broke the story of a man and his monster for the Halloween episode and Allen Wolfe (Jasper Hammer) was all in. When he reaches out for a follow-up story, all hell breaks loose . . .

. . . and it costs him his job.

"the horror in All Eyes is homegrown and it comes to a fruition in surprising and absolutely unsettling ways"

Now, he’s got nowhere to go. Well, not nowhere. With a lawsuit pending, Allen finds his home the best place to be. When his boss arrives to pay him a visit, she brings him a pesky box of letters to dig through. Fans of the show, you know, they write with their own experiences. Labeled BOX OF FREAKS, Allen reaches in for career revitalization and comes up with yet another monster.

This time, though, monster hunting might just save his life. Don Thomas (Ben Hall), attaching a check for $25000, says he has a beast with 1000 eyes hiding in the woods behind his home. The plan: trap and kill the beast and, with nothing better to do, Allen takes a chance, believing this to be his comeback story.

Hobart, Oklahoma here we come! While Thomas is more on the grumpier side of things, Allen has to trust him. There are no cellphones, no escape routes (Don’s land is booby trapped), and - in spite of his rugged exterior - Allen finds himself drawn into his world of paranoia and then the unthinkable happens.All Eyes

Because the truth is far more unsettling, especially when it strikes first.

And the greeting card invite? Well, it had Allen hooked from the moment it was opened. Now, these two “buddies” are all each other has in this strange world of monster hunting. Both a comedy and a sort of buddy movie, the horror in All Eyes is homegrown and it comes to a fruition in surprising and absolutely unsettling ways. This is a horror film all about characterization and none of those efforts miss a beat in knocking its audience off with its effortless charm, even as the tension spreads.

Directed by Todd Greenlee, All Eyes stars Jasper Hammer, Ben Hall, Danielle Evon Ploeger, and Laurie Cummings. It was written by Alex Greenlee and produced by Emily Calhoun, Adam Greenlee, Alex Greenlee, Todd Greenlee, Janice Pellam, Laurie Cummings, Tab Pierce, Jeff Greenlee, and Lisa Greenlee. The movie is written for anyone who has ever been a fish out of the water as fiction becomes fact right before our eyes.

All Eyes is available NOW on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, and others.

4/5 stars

Film Details

All Eyes

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
Runtime: 87
: Todd Greenlee
Alex Greenlee
Nick Ballard; Julie K. Barnett; Joe Bianco
: Thriller
A Brothers Greenlee Film.
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Release Date:
September 2, 2022
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Synopsis: A recently fired podcast host comes across a story that he feels could revitalize his career.The story: a recently widowed farmer claims there is a monster living in the woods behind his farm.The plan: trap and kill the beast.


All Eyes