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Trailer Watch: THEY TALK

They TalkUncork’d Entertainment will release Italian suspense thriller THEY TALK, starring Jonathan Tufvesson. Directed by Giorgio Bruno, the film shares a similar plot to Brian DePalma classic Blow Out : Sound engineer ...

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Armaguedon (1977) - Blu-ray Review

Armaguedon (1977)Oh, the power of the media! Many have used it for good, but others, like Louis Carrier (Jean Yanne) realize its potential to generate fear and garner much attention. He is not a psychopath carrying out a lifelong scheme, but rather, Carrier is what you would call a victim of society. Living in poverty  ...

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Marvelous and the Black Hole - Movie Review

Marvelous and the Black HoleLike Edward Scissorhands before it, this is an imaginative film about characters struggling to find their path forward.  They - like much of the populous in Marvelous and the Black Hole - are dangling by a thread in between stations in life.  Good thing there is a bit of MAGIC to push them in  ...

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Angels Hard As They Come (1972) - Blu-ray Review

Angels Hard As They Come (1972)

“Screw the heat.  We don’t stop for nobody!” Wine.  Women.  Whiskey.  And weed.  Sounds like a good time, right?  It isn't.  Angels Hard As They Come, a biker exploitation classic with original music by Carp, should know.  Things don't go as planned. ...

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The Northman - Movie Review

The NorthmanWere you appalled by the viciousness of Kirk Douglas’ Einar character in 1958’s The Vikings? Was the “viking handkerchief” face washing scene in 1999’s The 13th Warrior one of the most disgusting things ever? Think you know what a viking is? You have no idea ...

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Children of Sin - Movie Review

Children of SinWhen religion goes WRONG!  It's central to this slow burn slasher flick.  You see, Father Abraham is concerned for your children.  We hear his broadcast all through the opening few minutes of Children of Sin and already we are alarmed by his proclamations about children and all their super  ...

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Brut Force - Movie Review

Brute Force

Corruption in California’s gorgeous central coast wine country?  Say it ain’t so! Actually, when you consider the racism migrant workers face on the daily, the political pressures of powerful people, and the fragile class structures at play, it’s no wonder that the harassment which takes center ...

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The Brain Eaters (1958) - Blu-ray Review

The Brain Eaters (1958)Spellbinding science fiction doesn’t get any more outrageous than it does here in The Brain Eaters, a 61-minute schlocky shocker from the Drive-In era of B-flicks.  This is what happens when Small Town, America finds itself at the center of a UFO invasion!  Hide the jars of pickles, Ma and  ...

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The Peacemakers - Movie Review

The PeacemakersIt’s wild!  It’s outta this world!  And it’s completely unhinged.  It’s what happens when two extraterrestrials arrive on earth to complete a mission they don’t even understand.  When Murphy’s Law constantly hands their own asses to them, they decide to select their own nature and it’s all in an  ...

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Bury Me An Angel (1971) - Blu-ray Review

Bury Me An Angel (1971)

Dag Bandy means business! Opening with a wild party in which stoned bikers try to bed a bunch of women, Bury Me An Angel pulls a quick double-cross on its audience as the party ends when someone’s head gets blown clean ...

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