The AvengersThe internet has been abuzz as of late with reports that a copy of the script for Joss Whedon's The Avengers was being offered to the highest bidding web site. Followed shortly by that bit of news was word that Marvel/Disney had halted the film's production while a re-write was underway to keep the movie's plot from being completely ruined.

Both rumors must certainly be taken in with a super healthy dose of skepticism, but since the appearance of scanned copies of a couple pages of the script appeared over on emblazoned with Samuel L. Jackson's watermark, we can be fairly confident that at least the first part of the rumor may have some truth to it. Sure, the script could be from some fanboy with an over-active imagination and a laser printer, but it at least appears to be legit.

The second part of this high tale has since been knocked down by the film's contact people who say this is the first they've heard about such a delay. Even with a leaked script and the ensuing problems that may create, it's just too difficult to stop such a bloated behemoth as this.

Meanwhile if you didn't see it earlier, you can go here to see the first official photos from the set of The Avengers.