The Thing - Movie Clip

We know what eventually happened to the Americans who discovered an abandoned research center in Antarctica that had been taken over by some sort of shape-shifting alien-like creature in John Carpenter's 1982 cult classic The Thing. But the question on everyone's mind for the last thirty years since that film was released has been "what happened to the Norwegian researchers who were there first?" Universal Studios is hoping that's what's on the minds of deep-pocketed young male movie fans anyway, as the studio is set to release a prequel of sorts to Carpenter's film that is also (confusingly, we might add) titled The Thing.

The film, which is set to release just in time for the Halloween movie season, will uncover the events that spelled doom for a Norwegian research team holed up at an Antarctic scientific exploration facility. We have a brief (oh, so brief) but spooky nonetheless, video clip that gives us the best look yet at the alien life form at the heart of the monster problem.

We've already been treated to the trailer for The Thing which debuted earlier this summer where we were introduced to many of the human characters and their dire circumstances, but this newest clip gives us our best look at the creature itself and its behavior. Some will laugh at its seemingly cheap scare tactics, while others will get a genuine jump from it. Our verdict is still out, a bit tainted by the fact that they're even revisiting this thing in the first place.

In conjunction with the release of the new clip, MTV also published an interview with Mary Elizabeth Winstead who stars in the film along with Joel Edgerton, Eric Christian Olsen and Ulrich Thomsen. In the interview, Winstead talks briefly about the pressures of remaking a cult-fave in addition to giving her thoughts on another concern on the minds of fans of the original, director Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.'s decision to include a woman in the film when the Carpenter version was all men. "I do think it was an interesting dynamic to see men, grown men, all living together and dealing with this paranoia and isolation. But I also think it's interesting having a young woman thrown into the mix trying to take control of the situation where nobody trusts her opinion. It's a very different and interesting dynamic and it's not gonna be the same as the original version, but that's what's great about it to me," said Winstead. She added "What's cool about it, for this character, a lot of her strength lies in her intellect rather than her muscles. It's not like one of those characters where I come in and act like I can kick everybody's ass."

Check out the new clip from The Thing below or head over to MTV's site to see it in high-res and read the entire interview with Mary Elizabeth Winstead: