West Michigan - Movie Review

A delightful little romp

Stowaway - Movie Review

well-acted, brilliantly-executed exercise in human survival

Voyagers - Movie Review

Well-acted, well-constructed

Godzilla vs. Kong - Movie Review

Now THIS is how you do it!

Wonder Woman 1984 - Blu-ray Review

A crappy 1980s buddy adventure yarn

Soul - Blu-ray Review

You either have SOUL or you don't

Our Friend - DVD Review

Often difficult to watch

News of the World - 4K UHD Review

A story of home and hearth

The Courier - Movie Review

The CourierOn the very short list of important people who have almost singlehandedly saved scores of lives, there’s one name you’ve likely never heard of. British businessman turned government agent Greville Wynne is the real life subject of Dominic Cooke’s spy thriller called The Courier ...

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The Tangle - Movie Review

The TangleImagine a world connected by airborne nanotech.  It is a world full of avatars; a world without crime and, since people can travel far distances simply by speaking their destinations aloud, a world free of pollution.  Of course, because there are cameras literally everywhere, the human body ...

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TODD - Movie Review

TODDThere’s something wrong with Todd (Hans Hernke).  What it is - or more like what Todd does with it - will unnerve you and leave you wounded.  This is what happens when Todd, not taking his doctor’s advice, decides to withdraw from his family and set his sites on an aspiring young actress ...

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Know Fear - Movie Review

Know FearWelcome to the house of many broken things.  Dreams. Ambitions. Plates.  Glass.  You name it and this house - or whatever it is dwelling within - shatters it into a million and one untraceable pieces. In fact, those pitching sounds of terror are the first indications that something is incredibly wrong  ...

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Nest of Vampires - Movie Review

Nest of Vampires

An MI5 agent mixing it up with satanic vampires?!  Count me IN! Crossing bullets with human trafficking in a small town, writer/director Chris Sanders, with this his feature-length debut, presents viewers with what just might be EXACTLY what the UNDEAD doctor ordered this early spring ...

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Trunkfish - Movie Review


Ah, the predictable suburban life.  It's so . . . full of hidden desires that it just might kill weaker men. That’s what is the primary target in Trunkfish, a new film from writer/director John KviklysKviklys, though these characters, sets up his target, takes aim, and pulls the trigger blasting the head clean off safe, suburban lawns and ...

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She's the Man: 15th Anniversary Edition (2006) - Blu-ray Review

She's the Man

“I can do this. I am a dude! I am a hunky dude! I’m a badass hunky dude!” It seems impossible.  It’s borderline unreal, but - according to the cursed calendar hanging on the wall - it has been 15 years since Amanda Bynes pretended to be a boy so that she could play soccer in the hilarious and endearingly sweet ...

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Canaan Land - Movie Review

Canaan Land

Because the spirit is ALWAYS willing, but the flesh is JUST AS weak.  With cameos from Cindy Williams, Sally Kirkland, Louis Gossett Jr., and Lynda Carter, Canaan Land, a well-acted and controversial faith-based film from Richard Rossi, sharpens its knives ...

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The Croods: A New Age (2020) - Blu-ray Review

The Croods: A New Age (2020)The new comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson called The Hustle is an almost identical remake of the 1988 classic comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin - itself a remake of Marlon Brando’s Bedtime Story. I say “almost” because  ...

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Curse of the Blind Dead - Movie Review

Curse of the Blind DeadScreams of agony fill our ear holes as monks chant in the background.  Something is amiss in this dichotomy of sounds.  Soon, we realize that a restrained pregnant woman is being brutally held against her will by a bunch of misguided Knights Templar.  But these alchemists; these rapists; are not of  ...

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