Before DawnBefore Dawn - New Movie Trailer

“Win this together, we go home together.".

Synopsis: Jim Collins, a young man from the outback, leaves his family-run sheep station to join the ANZAC and fight on the western front with hopes of making a difference. Soon, the realities of the muddy, ruthless, and entirely unforgiving war takes its toll on Jim. As the men in the battalion are whittled away and hope becomes a distant memory, a final chance at redemption at the Battle of the Hindenburg Line, one of Australia’s greatest WW1 military victories. Jim must risk death or forever carry the burden of leaving yet another man behind.
Release Date: April 4, 2024
Director: Jordon Prince-Wright
Writer: Jordon Prince-Wright; Jarrad Russell
Cast: Ed Oxenbould; Levi Miller; Stephen Peacocke

Before Dawn - Movie Trailer

Step into the trenches of history when Before Dawn hits theaters later this Spring.

Witness an epic retelling of Australia's most monumental WW1 victory. Drawn from the raw and poignant war diaries that etched bravery onto the heartbeats of a nation, this drama unfolds the triumphs and tribulations of battle.

"Based on real life war diaries, Before Dawn is an epic retelling of one of Australia’s biggest victories during WW1"


Don't miss the first trailer that captures the essence of heroism and hardship - you can watch the trailer and check out the poster below. Join us in honoring the legacy of those who fought at dawn.

Arriving in cinemas April 4th, presented by Umbrella Entertainment. #BeforeDawn #WW1Drama #UmbrellaEntertainment

Here's a look at the first trailer for Before Dawn:


Before Dawn - Movie Trailer


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Before Dawn