The Big Bust-Out (1973)

Babes! Boobs!  Bare Bottoms!  What do you get when a sea captain and a nun help seven beautiful prison escapees evade police officers and white slave traders?  You get 1973’s The Big Bust-Out, that’s what you get! BAZINGA!

"has enough cavity searches in its run time to make even the most demented fans of Women-in-Prison flicks blush over some its sadistic antics"

Full of NUDITY, sadism, and tons of NUNSPLOITATION antics involving group showers and stripping, The Big Bust-Out has enough cavity searches in its run time to make even the most demented fans of Women-in-Prison flicks blush over some its sadistic antics.  The film is an Italian-West German co-production and, thanks to its ruthlessness, comes across as completely over-the-top in its WIP rollout.

Thanks to a choppy edit - as producer Roger Corman was trying to mine all the best bits in Richard Jackson’s nitty gritty girlie flick - it makes little sense the longer and weirder it goes.  But it does have some striking scenery . . . and it all has to do with the actions of a lone nun as she rolls into town ready to take on a gang of desperadoes which are all dressed in black and READY TO RUMBLE.The Big Bust-Out (1973)

And now, thanks to Shout Factory, The Big Bust-Out is born BOUNCING once again!  This time, shockingly enough, the 75-minute farce lands on blu-ray, thanks to a new 2K scan of the original materials.  What’s old is made all brand NEW again!

Starring Tony Kendall, Monica Teuber, William Berger, Gordon Mitchell, and a whole host of babes who, upon the sight of water, immediately take off their clothes and start to FROLIC around with each other, The Big Bust-Out is an action-packed, ridiculous dust-up full of nuns stripping at gunpoint among other nefarious things and it is all in the name of FREEDOM.

Available through for a limited time, The Big Bust-Out is probably only for BUCK WILD Corman purists.

3/5 beers

The Big Bust-Out (1973)

Blu-ray Details

Home Video Distributor: Shout Factory
Available on Blu-ray
- March 30, 2021
Screen Formats: 2.35:1
: English SDH
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; single disc
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Inside a high-security prison, seven beautiful women become allies against their sadistic cellblock matrons and stage a massive, violent escape. They make their way to the home of one woman's ex-boyfriend, who reveals his true sympathies by selling them into white slavery. In a furious gun battle, the women escape from the slavers, but it is only the beginning of a long and desperate journey to freedom.  


The 1080p transfer, with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, looks pretty decent.  Colors are bright enough and lines are clean.  The black levels are also consistent.  As we go from one desert locale to another, it should be noted that there is a lot of the natural word on display here.  You might even recognize some of the locales.  Yellows, browns, and specks of dust are dominant.  The female flesh is also supple, complete with pores and western-inspired close-ups.


The dubbed sound is presented in a DTS-HD Master Audio Mono track.  It’s flat as hell, but with effects this bad, you will be happy with the results.



  • None

Special Features:

There isn’t a lot, but fans can’t really complain thanks to the new scan.

  • NEW 2K Scan From The Negative
  • Theatrical Trailer

Blu-ray Rating

  Movie 3/5 stars
  Video  3/5 stars
  Audio 2/5 stars
  Extras 3/5 stars

Overall Blu-ray Experience

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Big Bust-Out (1973)


The Big Bust-Out (1973)